Update: Bill Johnson’s Library Mandate

I just came across this Bill Johnson blog post — Anointings Come From Honor dated February 2, 2009 — predating by over seven months James Goll’s “prophetic word” of September 17, 2009 as posted in Bill Johnson’s Library Mandate here on the CrossWise site.  In it, Johnson states that he bought Roberts Liardon’s library “in the past year” (from the Feb. ’09 date):

“In the past year we have purchased Roberts Liardon’s library/museum. He authored the wonderful series of books, God’s Generals (required reading in BSSM). While I have been collecting books and artifacts for years, his is the most complete I’ve ever seen or heard of. With over 11,000 volumes of books, and amazing items for viewing, the House of Generals will be a wonderful place to visit or study. Things like Smith Wigglesworth’s piano, and Kathryn Kuhlman’s wedding dress, are just a couple of the items for the museum. Priceless photo’s, letters, and memorabilia fill the collection.”

This conflicts with the timing of James Goll’s “prophetic word.” So, this begs the question: What is the significance of Goll’s “word” if Johnson already had purchased Liardon’s library prior to this “dream?”  The video in which Johnson delivers this “word” to — at least part of — the Bethel congregation (I presume it was the “Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry” as Johnson said it was a “prophetic word” about their “destiny”) was dated 9 days ago as of the date of this CrossWise blog post.

It cannot be argued that this was to substantiate the size as “the world’s largest library and artifacts of signs and wonders that church history has ever known” (even if that ends up being true) since Goll stressed the fact that there would be a “Roberts” who would be (future tense) “important” because Johnson “would receive something of a library inheritance by somebody with the name ‘Roberts”” and it wouldn’t be just “Oral Roberts.”

Open question to Bethel, Bill Johnson and James Goll: What was the significance of the “prophetic word” from Sepember 17th, 2009 that was posted on the Vimeo ibethel.TV  site on December 9, 2010 and how do you reconcile this with the contradictions as laid out above?


21 Responses to Update: Bill Johnson’s Library Mandate

  1. Bill Fawcett says:

    Confirmation. Whooooa!


  2. Good work! These guys are frauds and charlatans.

    Earlier this year Bill was talking about this “library” and mentioned that they had purchased Martin Luther’s Bible! UGH!!! What “anointing” would they get from Martin Luther, the “Sola Scriptura anointing” perhaps?


  3. Craig says:

    I thought I’d lay out a brief chronology:

    1) Bill Johnson purchases Roberts Liardon’s library/museum some time in 2008 as evidenced by his February 2, 2009 blog post here: http://www.bjm.org/blog/9/anointings-come-from-honor.html. This was apparently a part of the “Expansion Mandate.” I’m not clear on when this “Expansion Mandate” was ‘mandated.’

    2) Johnson receives a “prophetic word” from James Goll on September 17, 2009 about receiving in the future “something of a library inheritance by somebody with the name ‘Roberts’” yet it was not “just Oral Roberts” but another ‘Roberts.’ Logic would seem to indicate this “Roberts” was Roberts Liardon; and, at this point Johnson already had this library/museum.

    3) Johnson uploads a video explaining the purposes of this library/museum (a “direct from headquarters” mandate) and plays within this video of December 9th or 10th (depending on how you count the days) a recording of Goll’s “word” which came in a “dream” . It is proclaimed as a “prophetic word,” as “destiny,” to the audience he was speaking to (presumably BSSM). In the video, it appears that the point is that Goll was prophesying about a future inheritance of a “large library” by someone with the name “Roberts” besides Oral Roberts. (I found out in a phone conversation with another blogger this weekend that apparently Liardon was named after Oral Roberts.) Johnson goes on about Liardon’s library/museum making it appear as if this was the subject of the “Roberts” in Goll’s “word.”

    This does not add up!


  4. Pat says:

    I was roaming around on the net looking at the “Dead raising team” (don’t ask) and I stumbled across this and was reminded of your article……of course Earl Johnson (Bill’s dad) is one of those listed in this “museum” guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. All I can say is …..REALLY!!!!??????

    Click to access 2000_03.pdf


  5. Pat says:

    No you didn’t miss it, on skimming that info. There is actually a “Dead Raising Team” site


    and facebook


    It’s headed up by Tyler Johnson, don’t know it there is any relationship between him and Bill Johnson. But I did watch a video clip and read a few articles of Bill talking about the “DRT” (dead raising teams) . I was just looking for a family connection between Bill and Tyler, don’t know if there is any but he did attend the Bethel School of Supernatural.


    • Craig says:

      From the site:

      “If you are in a time sensitive situation and readily in need of a team as soon as possible, email us at thedeadraisingteam@gmail.com and we will respond quickly by sending a nearby team to your location if at all possible.”

      If you click on the “resources” tab you find an endorsement for one of Tyler Johnsons’ books by……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Bill Johnson. And, Tyler’s book is on the same Destiny Image imprint.


    • Craig says:

      Well, he has all the right connections to Bethel/Bill Johnson. I’ll have to check BJ’s blog to see if he mentions his kids names.

      I saw the supposed Atlanta woman raised from the dead last March. Curiously, there’s no news reports. Now why would that be?….


  6. Pat says:

    I know Tyler is not a son of Bill’s but I was looking to see if he was a nephew etc., since apparently the whole family of Earl Johnson’s are in ministry. Their facebook states that to date 4 have been raised from the dead, with no information or details…..


  7. Craig says:

    I’m glad to see some activity on Facebook on this post as evidenced by the site stats. However, since I thus far refuse to actually join Facebook I’ve no idea what the discussion is about. I’d really like some sort of Bethel explanation as to the apparent discrepancies between Jim Goll’s ‘word’ and Johnson’s acquisition of the Liardon library predating Goll’s ‘word’. Any takers?


  8. Hi Craig and bloggers: I just did a quick reccie on Tyler Johnson. For those of you with a FB account, here’s his page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=681996050 – his information says he was trained at Bethel. I know the name Johnson is a common one so perhaps this is just a coincidence, but even so…..


  9. This is his personal Facebook, Craig. I looked at his friends list and also – through that – his other friends and relatives. I sent you an email with just the Johnson links, but Tyler certainly has Bill and his wife in that list, and two Johnson staff members of Bethel, as well as many ministry friendships like John Crowder, Stacy Campbell, John Scotland, Chrystal Welch (Pastor at Revival Fires Church) Paul Cain and others. He has two books out that list Bill Johnson in glowing terms as a cherished Mentor and one of which has a written endorsement by Bill Johnson.


    • Craig says:

      I’ve been somewhat aware of this; but, I’ll have to check further. I’m pretty sure that Bill Johnson refers to his sons in the intro/dedication to at least one of his books so I may be able to verify familial connection there.

      Paul Cain? John Crowder? Yikes!



  10. Arwen4CJ says:


    Doesn’t look like he has a son named Tyler — but maybe he has a nephew or a first cousin once removed, or second cousin once removed, third cousin once removed, fourth cousin once removed, etc?

    It’s also possible that they have no relationship — just the same last name. (Of course if you go back far enough, they are related somehow 🙂 )

    I think this might be Tyler Johnson’s ministry page:




  11. Craig says:

    This article has been updated, put into a more clear (hopefully) form by putting the events in chronological order:



  12. Mike D says:

    Look guys, isn’t it simple? Isn’t the Bethel congregation paying for this stuff one way or another? Who owns it? Who’ll whisk it away when the Bethel bubble bursts?


    • Craig says:

      Mike D,

      My primary concern here is the apparent deception inherent in claiming Jim Goll was giving a foretelling prophecy about a future acquisition of the Liardon library when by Johnson’s own words he already HAD the library.


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