“The Babushka Doll Principle” by Tricia Booth

Tricia Booth (formerly Tricia Tillin) wrote this exhaustive study on Daniel’s seventy weeks (see Daniel 9:24-27) and its interpretation regarding eschatological (end times) events.  I trust you’ll find it enlightening.  Comments are welcome.

Following is the first few paragraphs of her article with a link to her site in order to view the remainder.  You will note that Tricia is not of the typical dispensational pre-tribulation Rapture persuasion so prevalent in Evangelicalism.  I agree with Tricia on this.  However, we are both pre-millennial (the belief that Jesus will return prior to a literal 1000 years as per Revelation 20). 

While I don’t necessarily agree with all the points of this article, I must admit that I haven’t yet digested it in full (it IS a VERY EXHAUSTIVE ARTICLE!).  Further, I must say that I’m still searching out my eschatological views. 

Principles of Biblical Prophecy

babushka dolls

I would like to offer an understanding of the way biblical prophecy works which is on the Babushka Doll principle.

Let me explain…

A set of Babushka dolls looks complete in itself, but contains a set of perfectly-formed but different items all contained in one. Between each doll is a gap, a gap in time in this metaphor.

Anyone looking at the largest doll would imagine it is complete, not knowing there are several other dolls inside. So it is with the fulfillment of prophecy. Some bible prophecy has only ONE meaning, but often TWO or more, complete in themselves and for different times and peoples.

(Click here for the rest of this article.)

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