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  1. just1ofhis says:

    Then he said to them, “Defile the temple and fill the courts with the slain. Go!” So they went out and began killing throughout the city. While they were killing and I was left alone, I fell facedown, crying out, “Ah, Sovereign LORD! Are you going to destroy the entire remnant of Israel in this outpouring of your wrath on Jerusalem?” (Eze 9:7-8)

    The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.
    (2 Thes 2:9-11)

    This served as a video reminder to me of the importance of continuing to stand firm and hold up the true Word of God.


  2. Craig says:

    It’s very disappointing that Chan’s appearance at OneThing would lend legitimacy to the event, as well as IHOP, in the eyes of some.


  3. Craig says:

    Pondering on the recent cold snap here in North America (global warming activists: “Oh snap!”), I stumbled across the following website:


    This photo is hilarious!:

    For those unfamiliar, the satirical new name of the vessel above is a catchphrase used by Al Gore.


  4. maria says:

    It is incredible the amount of kundalini kriyas in the audience.


  5. Carolyn says:

    To all, a message and prayer of hope and encouragement:

    Sometimes, it almost seems like our own perspective is off a little bit. We look at these poor deluded souls and forget that there is only one possible solution…and it has nothing to do with our own ability to think our way out of life’s situations, be they religious, political or social. It has to do with the revelation, on a personal level, of a personal God showing us who we really are in his sight and where we really stand with him.

    We are all on the ship of fools. There’s no difference. There is nothing good in you or me or anyone else, no matter how cultured we may be, how educated, how clever or how philanthropic. We are all corrupt, imperfect and selfish. Granted, there are degrees of psychopathy (utter selfishness) in all of us. On a scale of one to ten, we might even score below the average for selfishness, but in God’s eyes, our flesh, our goodness is worthless!! There is nothing, I repeat, no good thing in us.

    It’s a hard fact to comprehend as our flesh wants to noted for something…anything. There is a danger with discernment ministries in that we all have a tendency to compare ourselves with other fallen human beings. The fact that we have never been a pervert or a prostitute, have not committed fraud or embezzlement seems to give us opportunity for pride. We can look at the psychopathic tendencies of false prophets and think that we are on a different playing field.

    True, we may have had glimpses of our need of a Saviour, but until we see ourselves as God sees us, we are no more free than the worst of sinners.

    “Daniel 4:34 At the end of that time, I, Nebuchadnezzar, raised my eyes toward heaven, and my sanity was restored. Then I praised the Most High; I honored and glorified him who lives forever.

    His dominion is an eternal dominion;
    his kingdom endures from generation to generation.
    35 All the peoples of the earth
    are regarded as nothing.
    He does as he pleases
    with the powers of heaven
    and the peoples of the earth.
    No one can hold back his hand
    or say to him: “What have you done?”
    36 At the same time that my sanity was restored, my honor and splendour were returned to me for the glory of my kingdom. My advisers and nobles sought me out, and I was restored to my throne and became even greater than before. 37 Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise and exalt and glorify the King of heaven, because everything he does is right and all his ways are just. And those who walk in pride he is able to humble.”

    As a reminder to us all, until we rest our faith in Christ’s righteousness alone, we are still, by default on the ship of fools. We will not be free of the ship until we can see ourself in need of being rescued. Indeed, we are no different from the rest of humanity, perverse, condemned and rejected. God can help us only when we see ourselves as God sees us. After our initial conversion to Christianity, many of us have clothed ourselves again, with the garments of religion (our own works) and landed squarely back in bondage. Let me ask you….are you free?

    God grant me a fresh revelation of my own sick, deluded pride so that I may repent and acknowledge that the Most High alone, is righteous, holy and powerful. Rescue me from the bondage of fools to live by faith in Christ, to live in your presence forever. Amen.


  6. just1ofhis says:


    I had read about this a few weeks ago. Disturbing.

    Of course, American’s can look to their own to discover hate mongering. Henry Ford published his anti-Semitic rant several years before Hitler:


    I can’t remember the source, but somewhere in my files of things I have a paper that describes Ford printing 2 million copies of the “International Jew–The World’s Foremost Problem” for distribution in schools and Sunday schools around the U.S.A.

    Ford had a pronounced influence on Adolf Hitler and was awarded The Grand Cross of the German Eagle in 1938, the highest award given to foreigners by Hitler.

    In Germany, Ford’s anti-Semitic articles from The Dearborn Independent were issued in four volumes, cumulatively titled The International Jew, the World’s Foremost Problem published by Theodor Fritsch, founder of several anti-Semitic parties and a member of the Reichstag. In a letter written in 1924, Heinrich Himmler described Ford as “one of our most valuable, important, and witty fighters.”[63] Ford is the only American mentioned in Mein Kampf.[64][65] Adolf Hitler wrote, “only a single great man, Ford, [who], to [the Jews’] fury, still maintains full independence…[from] the controlling masters of the producers in a nation of one hundred and twenty millions.” Speaking in 1931 to a Detroit News reporter, Hitler said he regarded Ford as his “inspiration,” explaining his reason for keeping Ford’s life-size portrait next to his desk.[66] Steven Watts wrote that Hitler “revered” Ford, proclaiming that “I shall do my best to put his theories into practice in Germany,” and modeling the Volkswagen, the people’s car, on the Model T.[67

    The above quote was taken from:



    • Craig says:

      I’d read that Ford had ties to Theosophy. While I’m not sure just how much, he was quoted in one of their own magazines:


      Hitler himself reportedly had a copy of Theosophist’s founder Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine by his bedside. Blavatsky taught the horrendous idea (from the demon who channeled through her – don’t recall the name at present) that Jews had a “blood taint”. Hitler apparently took that and acted accordingly.


      • Craig says:

        I, myself, have never read Mein Kampf, but I may do so at some point, just to understand more of that perspective. With that in mind, we cannot discount that some of the readers are just looking at it for educational purposes, rather than being of like mind.


  7. just1ofhis says:

    “The human mind is a channel through which things-to-be are coming into the realm of things-that-are.”

    HENRY FORD, Theosophist Magazine, Feb. 1930

    “I believe we are reincarnated. You, I, we reincarnate over and over. We live many lives, and store up much experience. Some are older souls than others and so they know more. It seems to be an intuitive “gift.” It is really hard-won experience.”

    HENRY FORD, Theosophist Magazine, Feb. 1930

    Read more at http://www.notable-quotes.com/f/ford_henry.html#1PMFprTSGxRyWTOs.99

    Interesting quotes. Thanks for the link.


  8. Carolyn says:

    “The International Jew, The World’s Foremost Problem” by Theodore Fritsch

    “God, the World’s Foremost Problem….by Eternal Godhead


  9. Carolyn says:

    Further thoughts on Daniel 4:

    What makes us human? Well, I believe that it’s a capacity to be conscious of God and to have a conscience, (the capacity for knowing right and wrong). Satan has been longing to tamper with that since the garden. He has a beast nature and would like to separate man from God so that man also ends up with a beast nature.

    Nebuchadnezzar was walking through his palace being completely self-conscious, congratulating himself on all that he had accomplished. Suddenly, God indulged him and his capacity to know and hear God was gone. He now had a beast nature, ate grass and felt nothing that humans feel…

    Nebuchadnezzar came to mind the other day when I was listening to scientists talking about their goals of becoming superhuman beings, walking through their mental palaces and boasting about their own expanding beast agendas. They have long passed the acknowledgement of their Creator. If Daniel 4 is a foreshadowing of Revelation, the nightmare, given by John as a warning to mankind, is about to be fulfilled.

    One day soon, God will indulge those who prefer a beast nature. Already the man, in full egotistical dress, leaving his conscious soul behind, has made his debut by formulating the teachings about the third eye, of panentheism, of theosophy and of transhumanism. This insanity is what man is about to experience full throttle. The set-up is almost complete. As they worship and give themselves over to the beast religion, they too will be given a beast nature, God will withdraw his consciousness from them and they will no longer be able to act in a fully human capacity.

    At the end of the seven years, Jacob’s trouble, the sanity of those chosen to be the people of God, the Jews who have rejected their Messiah in times past, will mourn. They will repent as they look up and see the majesty of Christ and they will be given a new heart and a new mind, one to serve their Creator.

    As the Prince of Peace begins to rule and reign on earth, all will be restored to them as it was to Nebuchadnezzar. And the International Jew, will no longer be the world’s foremost problem. They will be the solution.


  10. just1ofhis says:

    The substitution of risk for faith was pointed out on M’kayla’s blog. I wanted to see for myself what the actual quote was. The answer proved interesting and gives yet another example of twisted teaching coming out of Bethel. The quote:

    “Risk is a key component for anyone desiring to become a Firestarter. Remember, God rewards risk (faith), not success or performance (Hebrews 11:6). When entering a pool, some put their toe in first to get an idea of the temperature. Others just jump right in. Whether it is inching your way in to risk, or jumping head first, the goal is to grow in our measure of faith (risk) throughout the Firestarters course.”

    From the “Firestarters” course at Bethel church:

    But without faith it is impossible to please Him; for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. (Heb:11:6)

    Risk: (from “Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary”) exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance.

    Faith (the Greek pistis): trust, firm persuasion

    God rewards those who diligently seek Him. What chance of loss are we exposed to for this? The answer could certainly be nothing of eternal value. Faith and risk are not substitutable words in any context.

    If you read the goal of “Firestarters”, it becomes apparent that “diligently seeking God” isn’t the motivation:

    “Firestarters is a 12-week course designed to assist you in becoming a modern-day revivalist; to become a world-changer and history-maker in whatever sphere of influence God has placed you, whether in the marketplace, school, neighborhood, community, or home.
    The goal is to equip, empower, and activate newcomers to a revival culture, new believers, as well as those who have never been fully activated in a supernatural Kingdom revival lifestyle.
    Throughout the course curriculum, the primary focus of Firestarters will be to help you encounter the Fire (passion) of the Father, demonstrated in signs and wonders, miracles, healing, and prophetic insights that propel you towards your destiny as a modern-day revivalist.
    The goal of a Firestarter is to be motivated to live from passion versus performance or obligation, directed by purpose, lived out through our God-given identity and destiny, and fueled by power expressed through purity, prayer, the prophetic, and healing.”


  11. YesNaSpanishTown says:

    Sorry, Craig….Should have posted this here under Misc. Feel free to delete previous post in comments under “Keener”…

    Interesting article just out:

    And subsequent blog post by someone who knew Deaton:


  12. I was going to post this on one of your article referring to contemplative prayer or ‘soaking’. Not quite on point. But that should be enough of an intro to direct you to what I’m thinking when I post this comparison.

    Phil 4:5-7 (Passion ‘Translation’) ‘let gentleness be seen in every relationship, for our Lord is ever near. Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude. Tell him every detail in your life, then God’s wonderful Peace that transcends human understanding, will make the answers known to you through Jesus Christ.’

    (ESV) ‘let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is it hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving let your request be known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.’

    Surely I’m not the only one who can see it. A verse that was about not being anxious, but rather casting your cares upon God has been turned into a verse that says ‘if you make sure you soak a lot, you won’t have any of those pesky questions come up in your mind that will make you question what we teach you’…


  13. YesNaSpanishTown says:

    “Prophet” Bob Jones died this week:


  14. YesNaSpanishTown says:

    Hi, Craig!

    If a person were just beginning to see some problems with Bill Johnson, which of your posts would you recommend to read first. This is a beginner who is just getting his feet wet.


  15. I am both alarmed and saddened by the numbers of Christians I see embracing Eastern mysticism, particularly through the practice of yoga. “Christian yoga” is like saying “christian hinduism” and is the epitome of an oxymoron.

    there is no such thing as yoga that is “just exercise”. It is a fundamental religious practice where any exercise benefit is merely peripheral. The purpose and goal of the poses is lowered mental and physical defenses which lend one to altered states of consciousness.

    even when practiced with innocent intents, one is entering into a thoroughly demonic religious system. I am warning people, and I am in the midst of writing a lengthy expose which I will put on my own blog, so I am asking for prayer in this, as I have many friends who are beginning to practice it. This is part of a clever attack of the enemy-to introduce the West to pagan practices.

    any resources proving this would be appreciated.


    • Craig says:

      From my Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language Unabridged, 2nd ed. (New York, NY: Simon and Schuster, 1983) is the following definition of yoga:

      in Hindu philosophy, a practice involving intense and complete concentration upon something, especially the deity, in order to establish identity of consciousness with the object of concentration: it is a mystic and ascetic practice, usually involving the discipline of prescribed postures, controlled breathing, etc. (emphasis added).

      Please note that in the first part of this definition (before the colon) this sounds much like the goal of “intimacy with God”, “seeking His presence”, etc. that is espoused by hyper-charismatics; and, that this is essentially the method of those Neo-Platonists (Neoplatonists) of the 3rd through 6th centuries.


  16. just1ofhis says:


    You might find this interesting:


    The article is titled: “Downward-facing human? Yoga has gone to the dogs”

    Basically you perform yoga with your pet…


  17. I found that frightening, as much as interesting. 🙂

    I see yoga as a form of Eastern Gnosticism.


    • Craig says:

      Absolutely EXCELLENT observations on the new Noah movie:


      I’ve not seen it, but I do feel quite confident that I’d have picked out the Gnostic thrust of it (I’m not as knowledgeable on the Kabbalah, though I do know of some of its direct parallels with 2nd century Gnosticism). Just reading the first paragraph of this author’s analysis I thought of Gnosticism right away, with the fleshless Adam and Eve becoming encased in the ‘evil matter’ of the demiurge at ‘the fall’. The demiurge is the inferior god who created the earth, according to Gnostic doctrine (most sects, though there are many different ones with widely divergent beliefs).


  18. Arwen4CJ says:

    Hey guys…I know I haven’t been on here in awhile…..but something the student pastor at my church mentioned in his sermon prompted me to post here.

    I’m currently attending a United Methodist Church (the one I grew up in). I may or may not have said this before. I think I may have just referred to it as a church in a mainline denomination….but I need to name it now.

    I need to eat lunch now, but I will be adding a comment/question that is of deep importance after I’m done eating.

    For now, I’ll say that he attends United Theological Seminary, which is a United Methodist seminary….


  19. Arwen4CJ says:

    So the sermon this past Sunday was about John 11 — where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. The student pastor plugged Heidi Baker in the sermon. He talked about how she has raised the dead, healed people, etc. He said that his seminary is becoming increasingly associated with her and her ministry. 😦

    I did some searches online, and I discovered that Heidi Baker gave the commencement speech at United Theological Seminary in December 2013. Not only that, but I also discovered that Heidi’s husband received a doctor of ministry there, as did Randy Clark 😦

    It seems that the hyper-charismatics are switching their strategy. Until recently, it seems that the folks in the hyper-charismatic crowd used to mock seminary education and degrees. A search online revealed that many of the hyper-charismatic leaders are getting degrees from mainline seminaries now.

    Why? I firmly believe that they are trying to pull mainline denominations into their cult. This is a new front — one that I previously thought would be far in coming. I didn’t think that the hyper-charismatics would appeal to those who were in mainline seminaries.

    This is also the missing link between the hyper-charismatics and those in mainline denominations. I truly believe we are closer to the end.

    I’m guessing that Heidi Baker (and Randy Clark) and the others in the seminaries are trying to appeal to the things which attract those in mainline denominations. For the United Methodists, this means appealing to scholarly pursuits and social issues. Then they throw in a little miracle stuff, too. I’m sure that contemplative spirituality also plays a role in uniting them.

    I’m going to try to compare Heidi’s talks at United Theological Seminary with the videos of her talking to hyper-charismatics. If she doesn’t act the same, then we can be sure that she is putting on a show for both groups — and that the speakers just say things that they think their audience would like to hear, and act the way they think their audience wants them to act.

    I believe this is deception at the deepest level, and I’m sure that demons are involved.

    Please pray for the universal church. Thank you.

    I feel like the warning about this really needs to get out there. This stuff is no longer just floating around in hyper-charismatic circles. The whole church is at risk.


  20. Arwen4CJ says:

    Oh…and Randy Clark and Heidi’s husband (and other hyper-charismatics) are now using their degrees as means of advertising for themselves in regard to miracle classes and things they are offering online. 😦

    Heresy alert! 😦

    I’d like to talk to both the student pastor and the senior pastor about this situation. (The senior pastor also graduated from United Theological Seminary).

    I know that Heidi Baker and John Crowder have appeared together. Does anyone know if there is a video of Heidi Baker taking part in John Crowder’s blasphemous “communion” services? Or shows her “tokin’ the ghost.”

    If we can find something with either baptism or communion, that would be great. My senior pastor really values the sacraments, and if he sees someone disrespecting them he might be more likely to speak out against Heidi Baker. Thanks.


  21. Arwen4CJ says:

    I’ve heard back from the student pastor — he says that the association with Heidi Baker seems to be mainly just the seminary, not the denomination (for now).

    Still there are people training to be pastors there that she, her husband, and Randy Clark could have influenced. Please pray. Thank you.


  22. Arwen4CJ says:



    Words like “impartation” and “anointed” (the way the hyper-charismatics use it) were never part of United Methodist vocabulary.


    Not surprisingly, Randy Clark left his mark on United Theological Seminary as well. He apparently founded the above group where people go out and practice signs and wonders 😦



  23. Wow, Arwen…United Methodists? In my marvellous land of Oz that means a non-Christian denomination. My apologies if this offends. I know you are a sensible, God-fearing person so I assume you have received some good teaching. I have always appreciated your contributions here! May I pray for you?

    As for the infiltration of NAR, I see it everywhere here in Oz. I left an Anglican Church (for another one!) for these reasons, although I didn’t fully understand why I was leaving until I did my research. Even now, my new Anglican Church is an aberration in the Diocese of Melbourne because it preaches the whole counsel of God. It makes me very sad to see this rubbish everywhere.

    Blessings in Christ, Sherryn


  24. Craig, I wanted to let you know that over 80 people have been referred to your blog from mine over the last year. Praise God!!


  25. Also, I know the regular crew (and you) would appreciate this…posted on the big sign outside our local Catholic school (Our Lady of Help):

    “Our imagination makes us infinite”

    Really? I maintain my claim that the Pope is a new ager. 🙂


  26. Just to hog the comments platform here after a long break…how wonderful to see all the regulars here. Carolyn, Just1ofHis, jeffreydaniel and Arwen4CJ…blessings to you all. 🙂


  27. And YesNa!!! Hi 🙂


  28. Arwen4CJ says:


    There is no such thing as a non-Christian denomination (unless it officially does not hold to the historic faith that is in the creeds). Now, that being said, I believe there are true Christians in every denomination, and false Christians in every denomination. There are some congregations that are orthodox in theology and practice, and there are some congregations that are not. It is the same with the United Methodist Church.

    I am guessing that you think of it as a non-Christian denomination because of the very vocal theologically liberal “Christians” within it. Sadly, I know that they are a major movement within the denomination. But I also know there are a lot of true Christians as well. There is a confessing movement, which seeks to get back to the historic Christian faith.

    Yes, please do pray for me. Please also pray for my denomination, especially those who are part of the confessing movement, pray for United Theological Seminary, pray for the West Ohio Conference, and please pray for my pastors. Thank you. 🙂


  29. IWTT says:

    off topic, but haven’t seen anything from this sight in a long time…

    Click to access orrel57.pdf


  30. Arwen4CJ says:

    I also want to point out that United Theological Seminary now has a president who is part of the confessing movement in the UMC, and so they are getting an influx of theologically conservative students.

    This isn’t just a UMC issue, as like other UMC seminaries, they do not just admit United Methodist students. There are students of many different denominations who attend there, and non-denominational students as well.

    Part of what is so dangerous about what is happening at United is that many people who have never heard of the hyper-charismatic movement, the Toronto Blessing, etc. are now being exposed to it. They have no resources about it. A guy named Randy Clark comes along and says that they can get closer to Jesus, and seems to be the answer to what people are looking for…and Heidi Baker, too….with all her miracles that follow her ministry. So they buy into it without knowing who these people are, their histories, or anything about their past “revivals.”


  31. Craig says:

    Here is the best article on same-gender marriage I’ve seen:


    My only slight disagreement is #6, as I see that a Biblical opposition to same-gender marriage may one day be considered ‘hate-speech’. Potentially tangentially related is, according to a talk show I happened to catch the other day, the UN was proposing an international law such that even a stance against abortion would be considered an act of terrorism. You read that right. The ‘act of terrorism’ would be either/both against the mother who, I suppose in the eyes of this proposal, would be terrified in aborting the child due to another’s stance against the idea, or the children who are ultimately born to mother who was somehow persuaded not to get an abortion due to the pro-life stance.

    The following article speaks about the issue:


    Interestingly, there’s a current push to try to redefine ‘pro-life’ as pro-abortion, i.e., for a pregnant mother to abort her fetus is viewed as a “pro-” on the life of the mother, rather than any consequence to the unborn fetus. The “life” in “pro-life” is shifted from the fetus to the mother. That is, from this perspective, instead of the presumed negative experience of bringing the baby into the world and all that entails, the mother’s life will be better.


  32. Yesnaspanishtown says:

    Woe to them that call good evil and evil good.


  33. YesNaSpanishTown says:

    FYI–This just posted today on LighthouseTrailsResearch.com/blog Thought you may find it interesting. http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=15508


  34. Craig says:

    It is with both grief and joy that I state that Dr. Rodney J. Decker has succumbed to the cancer that has ravaged his body for the past few years. Yet absent from the body, present with the Lord!

    I’ve only ‘known’ Decker through the various works he’s penned, to include the words on his own blog; yet, I feel I’ve lost a friend, or at least an individual with whom I’ve made some sort of relationship beyond that of a mere acquaintance – even though he never knew me. Recently, I’d been visiting his blog multiple times daily to check on his status, prayerful that relief would be soon, and that pain would be minimal. It seems this prayer has been answered this morning.

    I could not have written the series I’m currently writing without the assistance of Decker’s works which provided much needed (for me) elucidation of the subject of verbal aspect. For this, I’ll be forever in his debt.

    Here is his blog, with the most recent entry speaking on his passing.

    I fear that adequate words fail me, that I cannot properly convey the right emotional tone (given that I’ve never actually met the man), so, I’ll close right here before I reconsider the above and not write anything at all.


    • Craig says:

      David Alan Black posted this account of a man arrested for driving “drunk-in-the-spirit” (I didn’t capitalize “spirit” on purpose):


      “He was swerving all over the road, and laughing and staggering around when we got him out of the truck,” says an officer.

      Henderson could not stand on one leg, nor walk a straight line, and was thrown into the city jail for the night, where he giggled and spoke in tongues.

      “I was so high on the Holy Spirit, it was a good night for me, no matter where I was,” he says.

      Fort Morgan’s “drunk-in-the-Spirit driving” ordinance prohibits people from driving in “a mentally impaired or intoxicated state.” Police perch near revival meetings to hand out tickets to erratic drivers. The city is also considering a law against “spiritual drunkenness among young people” which could land pastors and visiting evangelists in hot water.


  35. Craig says:

    This is an example of the sorry state of Christendom / Evangelicalism, etc. I received the following as a search criteria arriving at CrossWise:

    “at which point did jesus lay aside divinity”

    My succinct answer: NONE!

    I suppose one should think of it this way. Ask yourself, “At which point can a wo/man lay aside her/his humanity?” Just thinking for a second about the ramifications of such a thought reveals the absurdity of the question about Jesus ‘laying aside His divinity’. The title of Ravi Zacharias’ program makes clear my intentions with this site: “Let My People Think”!


  36. Craig says:

    I have to admit that I was surprised and elated to find Dr. Black reference Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” in reference to Robin William’s suicide (see Aug 13, 8:08AM):


    So, what is your ‘drug’ of choice? Mine was (and to an extent, is) certainly listening to music as a means of escape. Never did drugs, but music performed that function for me. The upshot? I know a LOT of music trivia. Its value? Not much…


  37. Hi to all…I haven’t been here for awhile. Probably no one noticed…just sayin….

    I am just getting caught up on some of the more recent comments here.

    I will say this: The teaching that I received on this blog about the importance of Biblical Christology has been invaluable to me when listening to different teachers. If they reject the word of The Lord in any respect concerning Christ, i.e. the blood of Christ being real and effective on our behalf, the eternal sonship of Christ, the Father and Son relationship from before the foundation of the world, and of God coming in the flesh, then I shall have nothing more to do with that teacher. If a teacher is rejecting the testimony of God on these matters that are spelled out without any wiggle room in the Scriptures, why should I believe anything else that teacher says, even if he is a respected Bible expositor?

    So thank you Craig for your dedication in getting this message across.

    The question asked, “At which point did Christ lay aside his divinity?” None…agreed!!!!

    As has been pointed out on more than one occasion, the progression of a wrong foundation has disastrous consequences. Eternity is a long time. Is it worth it to follow a false teacher, no matter how brilliant, over the edge of the cliff with a multitude of other lemmings who have “the feeling that they are going in the right direction”? No. God has the final word. Remember that. If anyone twists his Word…he will pay the price. And so will you if you stand up for that man rather than God.

    Sadly, there are few of us left who have not rejected the Word of God to go along with the crowd.


  38. CECribbs says:


    Agree! Craig has been a real blessing to me with this blog as well as all the comments. I am in the Word more and more each day. I only wish I knew as much as he did, but I’m getting there.

    Now if I can only find a church nearby that hasn’t been infested with Bill Johnson/Bethel. 😦


  39. CECribbs, good to hear you are in the Word. You can’t go wrong if you pray and ask God to direct you. He has much to teach us. Be blessed!


  40. Arwen4CJ says:

    In regard to the comment about calling evil good and good evil……I’m on a certain dating site, and I am amazed by some of the people’s views there. 😦

    Some people are convinced that polygamy is somehow morally superior to monogamy. Their reason goes something like this: “it is selfish to be monogamous, or to expect the parts of another person’s body to be reserved for only you. You can’t tell another person what to do with their body parts. Nowhere in the Bible does it condemn polygamy, and many people in the Bible slept with more than one person. It doesn’t count as premarital sex if you don’t plan on ever getting married. So it is morally fine to have sex with as many people as you want, just as long as you don’t plan on marrying them.” This comment was coming from a supposed Christian.

    I’m surprised at the number of people who think it is morally wrong to wait to have sex until after the wedding.

    I honestly think that after “gay rights” have been granted, people will start campaigning for poly relationships — whether they be “marriages” or just “unions.”

    And after that, it will be bestiality. I’m being completely serious. There are people who believe that they are really animals in human skin, and they believe that they should have the right to have sex with others of their “species.” There are a small number of bestiality people on the site as well 😦


    • Craig says:


      Well, obviously, the term “Christian” means different things to different people. 😦

      I don’t doubt that bestiality will become more ‘normalized.’ Over a year ago I followed a news story to another about bestiality, which led to another, leading me to believe that it’s becoming more common and less of a stigma. I’ll save the details, but suffice to say that in my 50+ years, the first nearly 40 ‘in the world,’ I’ve been around the block a bit, but I was literally stunned by some of what I read.

      Just FYI, bestiality is illegal in most states, so these individuals may find themselves on the wrong side of the law – for now, anyway.


  41. Arwen: I think there are many “posing” as Christians on that site…in fact I’m sure of it. When our Christian youth groups and camps mimic the world, what’s the next step? Watch the world and see. Vampirism, Paganism, Satanism…etc.

    Look at some of the videos and pictures at MacArthur’s Regeneration Camp…


    ….is this a pagan festival or not? Even a pig on the altar. Would you send your kids to this camp? We are so desensitized, people hardly notice that their children are being indoctrinated. Should we be venerating our leaders or vetting them?

    Craig…you may have been around the block a few times but now you don’t even have to leave your living room. The block comes to you via the TV and you can just surf around the block a few times a minute.


  42. Well, that was one of my first thoughts and another was The Lord of the Rings. But in actuality it coincides and mirrors a Druidic Festival called Lughnasadh? The rituals they are acting out are comparable to the real thing as shown in the pictures. They may say it’s all fun and games…but what is Paganism doing in the Church? Just creeping in unawares?

    Arwen…yup…I can see activists petitioning for poly relationships…that’s a good one…


  43. Correction: And of course, I would quote the wrong book. It’s been too long since I read The Lord of the flies in high school, where the kids were stranded on an island and placed the heads of pigs on sticks to appease “the beast”.

    Whether it is Roman, Greek or Celtic, whether it’s Antiochus or Celtic/Druid Festival, a pig’s head is symbolic of something unorthodox and unchristian. If it was the only thing out of place in this scene, it could possibly be excused, but it seems to fit with the other Celtic Festival rites to this particular god, Lugh.

    I suppose if it doesn’t cause us to do a double take, we may already consider ourselves to be paganized. Luke 21: “so that day come upon you unawares. 35For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”


    • Craig says:

      Bill Maher, an avowed non-Christian, explains to Charlie Rose how the religion of Islam is intrinsically violent, and thus very different from Christianity (among other differences noted):


  44. I’ve come to regard what the mainstream media grinds out day after day for public consumption as a greater threat to our freedom than Islam. ISIS is supposedly our most feared enemy, at the moment but I would suggest worse than the Islamic threat of ISIS are those who are funding and controlling the NWO to bring about a Zionist agenda. Whatever chaos they can use to create a world crisis and a security threat can then be used to bring a tighter reign on our personal security and freedom. And he causes all both small and great….rich and poor….


    Should we fear the British Intelligence/Freemasonry? CFR/American Intelligence/Freemasonry? or the Israeli Intelligence/Freemasonry? Better known as the NWO….

    Matt 10:28″Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.


    • Craig says:


      I don’t necessarily disagree with the thrust of your comment, but Matt 10:28 is applicable in either case. However, for those in the Middle East being slaughtered, brutalized, etc. by ISIS/ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham/Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), ISIS is their most feared enemy.

      I’m not sure what the overriding point is in the link you supplied re: Mossad. Mossad is the English transliteration of the Hebrew, as found here. That it can be called something in English with the acronym ISIS does not seem of much import to me. Nor do I think that the Islamic organization of the same name acronym should be equated with Isis, the polytheistic goddess.

      And Zionism is “a nationalist movement of Jews and Jewish culture that supports the creation of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the Land of Israel,” as noted here. The NWO is definitely not in favor of a nationalistic Israel.


  45. Craig, I know what we’ve been led to believe by “friends of Israel” etc. but is it all true? This is the question I started asking because things weren’t adding up. There are some things that we should not be partnering with…and looking into who is funding who and how it all began back in the 1700s and even before was a starting point for me. What I have found is quite astounding. Of course there are secular Jews but mostly, the Jewish leaders who are working toward Jewish Nationalism are not what we want to be funding or supporting.

    The NWO aka the Kabbalistic/Zionist/Talmud followers have a goal of setting up Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. They believe the reincarnation of Solomon, aka Nimrod, aka Osiris aka the great Architect of the Universe aka Lucifer (all the same being that the Freemasons worship, will sit in the Temple in Jerusalem. Here is their god:

    The Temple Institute that is now recreating the temple furniture, refashioning the temple curtain, preparing to reinstate the sacrificial system etc. has nothing to do with Christianity. Why are Christians supporting Zionism when they are the same sect (Pharisees) that crucified Christ and would do it again today if given the chance. They hate Christians, they disallow any Christian witness in Israel. Christians do not know what they’re supporting. Do we want a reinstatement of the temple sacrifices? Not according to Galatians or Hebrews…it’s called trampling the blood of Christ. And yet Christians are all excited about the Temple Institute and they fly a blue flag which is the Star of David or the Star of Molech or the Star of Rephidim and say we are for Israel.
    Acts 7:43 You took up the tabernacle of Moloch, the star of your god Rephan, the figures which you made to worship. I will carry you away beyond Babylon.’ (WEB WEY ASV BBE RSV NIV)

    As for translations…is that a reason to throw everything else someone says out? No one has all the truth…but truth can be gleaned from different websites. I happen to agree with much that is said on Another Voice website. I happen to agree with much that is said on your website. Do I have to choose based on what version of Bible the author is using? Just because you know more about textual criticism than the average Christian, does that mean you can’t learn something from him?

    I’d like to discuss Scripturally…and respectfully. We may end up disagreeing. But we are both Christians. That’s the important thing, isn’t it? Why should we care about the NWO? I don’t know…I just started asking quesitons. I’ve found some answers for those who are interested in discussing.


    • Craig says:

      I did not say that I personally am a Zionist, BTW – and I’m not saying you’re implying that I am. But, more importantly, from what I can tell, most Jews in Israel are not observant, and the Temple – new or old – is a non-issue for them.

      There is a lot of info on the ‘net re: NWO, much of it mis- and dis-information, and, really, it’s about nigh impossible to determine what is what isn’t true, as some of the info apparently comes FROM NWO-adherents and is specifically intended to confuse those who are trying to figure things out. Moreover, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all belief within the NWO, except the collective anti-Christian stance.

      But, if one has a premillennial eschatology and believes the mark of the beast will eventually come about, then why fret given that it’s Scriptural? We won’t be able to stop it, anyway. Pre-tribbers believe that true believers will be raptured away before that point, anyway.

      Saving souls is MUCH more important.

      As for KJV-onlyists, there can certainly be ones who are otherwise good researchers, etc, providing good info. However, just in the url you provided the connection of Mossad and ISIS/ISIL to Isis the goddess just isn’t there. It’s illogical leaps such as these which illustrate a lack of real research.


  46. The point about ISIS is just that maybe it just didn’t come up all of a sudden out of nowhere. ISIS is a well known deity and she likes to show up. It’s been said by some that when her name is repeated (like a ritual) whether it be an acronym for an Intelligence agency or a terrorist op or Queen of Heaven or Mother Earth…she’s a god who is being invoked one way or another. Now you are free to disagree, of course…..

    One thing we do know is that we are being set up for an Anti-christ system. Should we be worried? No. Should we be awake and alert? Yes.

    I think it’s good to be aware of how we’re being set up…through Helgelian Dialectic Processes, through movements such as Purpose Driven and Church Growth Movements, through Freemasonry infiltrating many churches. Why? Because no one questions anything. No one cares…the next sports or TV show is coming on…so who cares…just follow the pastor…he’s the person in the know…how do you know if you are being deceived?

    I did ask some good questions, though didn’t I? Christ said, ask and it will be given. If no one asks, there are no answers forthcoming.

    Sorry…the NWO just came up. If I have any further comments on it, I will place them on the other thread. Just because there is disinformation and misinformation…there is much good research as well. I think you get to know which is which by how it stacks up with the Scriptures.


    • Craig says:

      You’re missing my point about the presumed correlation between ISIS and the Isis goddess. If you look up the wikipedia link for Mossad I supplied earlier and this link for ISIS/ISIL you’ll see that if an acronym were made from transliterations of the original languages, rather than translations to English there’d be no ISIS (HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim Meyuḥadim = MMTM and ad-Dawlah lIslāmiyyah = DII, respectively). So there is absolutely NO LINK TO ISIS THE GODDESS HERE. Earlier this year President Obama and some of the US press consistently referred to the Islamic group as ISIL, which is the acronym from an English translation of the first name they themselves used (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).


      • Craig says:

        This is not so much unlike King James Onlyists insisting that its the King James English, not the Greek text underlying the KJV, that’s inspired. We Westerners have a really bad tendency to be Anglo-centric, i.e. English centered – as if other languages are somehow subordinate to English. The irony is that English is derived FROM other languages!


  47. maria says:

    If I may respond about Israel,it is not the Israel of the bible, it is apostate.If you read Revelation with Israel as the Whore who rides the beast…it all makes much more sense. True Israel are those who recognize Jesus Christ of Nazareth as Savior and Lord. That is the only way to inherent the Kingdom.


    • Craig says:


      While I agree with most of your comment, I don’t think we should limit the woman who rides the beast as strictly Israel. I do believe it’s much more than that.


  48. maria says:

    Understood, however, apostate Israel is who is spoken here in Revelation and basically throughout the entire bible. The rest are referred to as those who are deceived by her and those who drink from her abominations.


    • Craig says:

      I dunno maria. Many New Agers are vehemently anti-Semitic (at least Jews, as Semites include other Middle Easterners). The Theosophic writings especially are anti-Judeo-Christian.


  49. I see your point about ISIS. I think mine is more of a spiritual than a technical point. Who knows exactly what ISIS or ISIL is…you know their ideologies perhaps, but one group can morph or merge overnight (something like Christianity :-)) It’s what the news media which is owned and controlled by Freemasonry wants to believe and it’s the fear and insecurity that they are trying to generate through the next chaotic war. It’s planned, premediated and recorded.

    We can argue what exactly is ISIS or the Whore is…but Scripturally, she is Babylon…she is the Queen of Heaven, she is Ashtoreth, she is the false religion that rides on the back of kings and political figures. She has committed fornication through ecumenism and apostacy, through compromise and emergence to get what she wants…

    And to me…the whore of Babylon that seems to be forming is Christian Zionism. It is a Communitarian approach to fulfilling the great commission…through interfaith with everything false. The great Beast (perhaps a mix of Communisim/Zionism/Freemasonry) will hate the woman (she still has ties to Christianity) and will turn on her and burn her with fire. That’s a simplistic summary…but provable through documentation and study.


  50. Every time we turn on the news we hear “ISIS ISIS ISIS”….We question, “is it just another false flag dubbed ISIS?” What is the propaganda machine churning out this time?

    So, at this time in history, it is the English acronym that the media has us associating with Islam. But when we also hear that it has been the acronym of Israeli Secret Intelligence Service as well…things start going through your mind…connections, Mossad Intelligence…connected to British Intel…connected to American Intel…ISIS….connected to New Age, connected to symbols in Catholicism and Freemasonry, connected to the occult and now the world is aware…

    You’re right Craig…nothing concrete…just awareness…possibility….

    As for your question about why we need to think about these things if we are premil because we can’t stop them anyhow…well, things are already being set up. For instance, once you get the Mark of the Beast right…the Star of Rephim…other things start standing out for a Zionist Synagogue of Satan….

    ….then you see the relevance of the Noahide Laws being the catalyst for the beheading of anyone who commits idolatry (including Christians who worship Christ)….

    …..and you might understand why Islam has been the noisy scapegoat for the sleight of hand tactics of the Zionists Jews. They can remain virtually invisible while they carry out their plans for world domination by creating all kinds of “terrorism” so that all eyes are focused on the most chaotic thing happening at the moment. Meanwhile their agenda marches on unhindered for the most part. It really is so bizaar…it’s hard to imagine something this evil…

    Well, I may be sound anti-semetic but then Christ was anti-semetic since he called the Zionist Jews of his time…whitewashed tombs and vipers. Nothing has changed. Evil is still evil.


    • Craig says:

      Well, I may be sound anti-semetic but then Christ was anti-semetic since he called the Zionist Jews of his time…whitewashed tombs and vipers. Nothing has changed. Evil is still evil.

      I think you were being somewhat tongue-in-cheek here; but, just in case: Jesus was not (nor the NT, especially John’s Gospel) anti-Semitic, as Jesus, and many of the disciples were Jews.

      In any case, we’ve gone a bit beyond my intention for this particular tab, which is to post comments that one is not sure where to post so that I can point to a more appropriate posting, if applicable. Otherwise, this particular tab could quickly outgrow every thread on here! But that’s not to say every comment can be better applied to another thread on here, as my recent comment re: Bill Maher provides one example.

      Scrolling down the home page of CrossWise you’ll see the long list of categories, including “New World Order.” That’s one of the categories I have applied to the Misplaced Trust series.


  51. maria says:

    We should separate today’s Jew from what the bible describes as true Israel in the new covenant, a growing group of people in the body of Christ made up of all nations of the world. This is Christs command from all believers to send the good news to all the world. The land of Israel is not what the bible is speaking of and the New Jerusalem will not be an earthly one.

    Those who worship apostate Israel like John Hagee and his “United for Israel” or Christian Zionists really do not understand the ramifications for their motive. It is because of the false theology of dispensation many are led to think that God has a special redemptive process for the unbelieving Jew outside of the Gentile. He does not. And those who perpetuate this theology are false and leading many through the wide gate of destruction.


  52. You said, “Saving souls is much more important”…um…yes but the gospel should be so much a part of us that every time we open our mouth, we say something that demonstrates the gospel. Such as when I said that what started me on my search to question our support of Jewish Nationalism was the question of why it seems to contradict Hebrews 10. Those who were returning back to Judaism because Christ’s sacrifice was not complete…were no different from the blindness which seems to be taking hold of certain Zionist Christians today.

    Yes…the gospel…do we demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ always? Or do will ignorantly and wilfully keep on sinning by supporting Anti-christ agendas?


  53. Here is something that I think belong on Misc. tag…I know someone who talks about this at least three times a day. And this person will be wearing this watch in the very near future. For myself? I won’t be purchasing one for myself.


  54. http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=25151

    This ipad update I did the other day is evil enough in itself. It keeps posting things early. Here is the link for the new apple watch.


  55. IWTT says:

    This was from a recent e-mail newsletter I got from Berean Call… thought it was good…. I couldn’t find where this needed to go (topic)

    The solution to evil through the incarnation is also a mystery: “…great is the
    mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen
    of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into
    glory” (1 Tm 3:16).

    “God was manifest in the flesh.” What a mystery! God could become a fetus in Mary’s
    womb? John the Baptist as a 6-month-old fetus leapt in the womb of Elizabeth in
    recognition that Mary was pregnant with the Messiah. Amazing!
    “Seen of angels.” These heavenly beings must have watched in astonishment. The One
    whom they had known as God the Son, one with the Father, for at least 4,000 years
    by earth time (we know not how much earlier angels were created), was growing in
    the virgin Mary’s womb, soon to be born a babe needing a mother’s milk and care–truly
    man, yet at the same time truly God. Mystery of mysteries!

    “Believed on in the world.” The Apostle John speaks in awe of this One whom “we
    have heard…seen with our eyes…looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the
    Word of life; (for the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness,
    and show unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested
    unto us)” (1 Jn 1:1,2). In his Gospel John says, “The Word was made flesh, and dwelt
    among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,)
    full of grace and truth” (Jn 1:14).
    Yes, “Believed on in the world.” Certainly John believed, as did Paul, that Jesus
    the Messiah of Israel was truly “God manifest in the flesh.” To be a Christian one
    must believe that Jesus Christ is God come as a man to redeem us. What love to come
    from so high to stoop so low–to be rejected, hated, misunderstood, mocked, maligned,
    stripped, scourged, and crucified by those He came to redeem!
    “Received up into glory.” His sacrifice accepted by the Father, He is glorified
    at the Father’s right hand and interceding there for us (Rom 8:34). But even before
    that great meeting in His presence in the Father’s house, “beholding as in a glass
    the glory of the Lord, [we] are changed into the same image…by the Spirit of the
    Lord” (2 Cor 3:18).
    Surely if the incarnation is the great mystery of godliness, then for us to live
    godly lives we must have Christ dwelling within us and living His life through
    us: “Christ in you, the hope of glory: whom we preach…” (Col 1:27, 28). This is
    the “hope of his calling” which Paul prayed that the Ephesian saints would understand.
    Peter explains that God “hath called us unto his eternal glory” (1 Pt 5:10). We
    are going to be like Christ. The glory that the disciples beheld in Christ will
    be manifested in us!


  56. YesNaSpanishTown says:

    Hi, Craig and readers!

    I don’t have time to go into much detail, but would love to know of any insight you may have regarding Theosophy (Blavatsky) vs. Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner). I am aware of the historical split of Steiner from Theosophy proper. I am wondering your insights as to whether the two terms are interchangeable or is there really any essential difference? Both are false, esoteric philosophies for sure.

    I did find this discussion: http://uncletaz.com/at/febmar04/antheo.html However, I would like a little more concise difference if there is any. I am in two work-related situations (yes, count ’em–two!) in which Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy is the foundational principle. (I am hired in as a home health aide–not hired by the organizations directly.) Or I would also be happy if anyone has had any direct experience with someone following anthroposophy.

    Very interesting places the Lord takes us to be lights for Him. One of these situations has a lot of potential for me to receive a grilling, and maybe even some “soft” persecution–meaning shunning, misunderstanding, etc. I want to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in me, so I am trying to be very knowledgeable about the difference between Biblical truth and the error.

    Thanks for “enlightening” me in any way that you can.

    Blessings! YesNaSpanishTown


    • Craig says:


      While I’ve studied Theosophy in a general way, I’d not studied Steiner. I can’t say I’m familiar enough with Anthroposophy to provide any insight. Sorry.

      You may want to try Cumbey’s blog.


      • Craig says:

        In speaking with a friend today, I was made aware of a very interesting website:


        Scroll to the bottom, find “Countries.” Click on the country to see 2013 current population data, then look at comparative 2025 projections. UK and Australia are slated to be reduced by 50% each, Canada by 20%, the total world population decreased from 7.1 billion to 6.9 billion. But the US sees the most drastic cut, from 316 million to just 69 million – a loss of 247 million people!


        You can see a recent thread on this subject in the following:



        • Craig says:

          To take a break from all the seriousness of the blog, check out Joni Mitchell from 1970, all fresh-faced, with one of the most beautiful voices ever. It’s about 30 minutes long, but it may be best for newcomers to start at around 18 minutes (that’s a dulcimer she’s holding there), then listen to the end. Her soprano in “California” is absolutely astounding:

          Here’s a well-thought out comment accompanying the above:

          “I’ve got nothing against Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga or any woman who’s worked her way to the top of today’s music business. But I hope they all get a chance to watch this video and marvel in the unpretentious genius and jaw-dropping talent of Joni Mitchell. Just a modest girl from the northern prairie, sporting a no-name dress, who happens to have the voice of an angel, the expressiveness of a poet laureate, and the musical ability of a small orchestra. This is Joni Mitchell–when comes such another?”


  57. Craig says:

    What would happen if a gay man went into a Muslim bakery in Dearborn, MI requesting an overtly gay message on his wedding cake? Pretty much what you’d expect:

    HIDDEN CAMERA: Gay Wedding Cake At Muslim Bakeries

    Why the focus on Christians and not Muslims?


  58. IWTT says:

    Click to access orrel60.pdf

    Craig, read the last page… not sure if you saw this new post…


    • Craig says:


      Yes, I did see Steinkamp’s article. I wrote on this in the Learning Etymology with Bill Johnson: A New Age ‘Repentance’? article, by quoting a portion of an endnote in Johnson’s Dreaming with God (2006, Destiny Image, Shippensburg, PA; p 86 (1st endnote)):

      Many prominent authors and conference speakers add fuel to the fire of fear assuming that because the new age movement promotes it, its origins must be from the devil…

      I began the article with this quote, and then I came back to it later adding (with my words bookending the remainder of Johnson’s words):

      Does Johnson really believe it’s safe to assume that doctrines and practices of the New Age Movement can originate with God rather than the enemy?! Does he not understand that the New Age worships a different god (actually many different “gods” including the god of self)? Continuing with the above:

      …I find that form of reasoning weak at best. If we follow that line of thought we will continue to give the devil the tools that God has given us for success in life and ministry. In doing so we will be building a confidence in the power of darkness above the Spirit of God.

      So then, what of God’s sovereignty? Is He too weak to carry out His purposes? This is yet another example of the numerous false dichotomies Johnson promotes. However, is he stating this as justification to promote New Age doctrine and practice himself?

      The very last question was rhetorical, that is, I meant as affirming that Johnson does promote the use of New Age practices, and, given that, Johnson’s “repentance” may well be the New Age version, the main point I was arguing in that particular article.

      In addition, I used the same quote in part IIIa of the Johnson New Age Christ? article, adding these words (for those who wish to disregard the New Age movement in general):

      “Given Bill Johnson’s words above, obviously, he sees no trouble with at least some New Age concepts or practices. And, of course, this illustrates that Johnson acknowledges there is a New Age movement.”

      The following explains the full context of Johnson’s words: The very first words of the chapter “The Language of the Spirit” in Johnson’s Dreaming with God – a chapter that I specifically wrote “NEW AGE” in the margin – contains a footnote reference, and it is the first part of this footnote that I quote. Here, however, are the words the footnote is referring to:

      A yielded imagination becomes a sanctified imagination; and it’s the sanctified imagination that is positioned for visions and dreams. There is great paranoia over the use of the imagination in the Church of the Western World… (p 67).

      Now here’s the footnote in its entirety:

      Many prominent authors and conference speakers add fuel to the fire of fear assuming that because the new age movement promotes it, its origins must be from the devil. I find that form of reasoning weak at best. If we follow that line of thought we will continue to give the devil the tools that God has given us for success in life and ministry. In doing so we will be building a confidence in the power of darkness above the Spirit of God (p 86).

      The chapter in Johnson’s book was promoting New Age concepts such as “present truths”, i.e. ‘what “God” is saying to us today’ (Alice Bailey taught this concept – that the “Spiritual Hierarchy” (demons) could communicate with us via telepathy), clairaudience, clairvoyance, as well as other supernatural manifestations, without adequately comparing these to the Word of God. However, if Johnson’s Jesus is not the Jesus of Scripture – as I’ve argued in the “New Age ‘Christ'” series – then it is most likely that these supernatural manifestations are from demonic sources.


  59. IWTT says:

    wow, you were 20,000 steps ahead of me. I thought it was a new article that Steinkamp had written… or maybe I should say you are 20,000 steps ahead of this article… good job

    If You Hold Hands with the World Long Enough, Don’t Be
    Surprised If You Start Going Steady
    by Orrell Steinkamp, The Plumbline, Volume 20, No. 2, March/April 2015

    Of course the 1st part of the article is pretty powerful. I especially liked paragraph 3. . .


    • Craig says:

      Yes, paragraph 3 is quite good – the whole article is. Paul interacted with the culture of his day; but, he did not dilute the Gospel message (“the good news about Jesus and the resurrection”, e.g. in Acts 17:18, c.f. 31). A good example is his message atop Mars Hill/Areopagus (Acts 17:16-34).

      Where Steinkamp references “the fundamentalists of the twenties” I think he is referring to these:


      Content online here:



      I re-read your response to my comment, and I wonder if perhaps I wasn’t clear. When I stated, “I wrote about this…” I meant that I wrote about the subject of Johnson claiming that New Age practices are to be ‘taking taken back’ for the Church – not that I referenced Steinkamp’s article, if that’s what you thought.


  60. IWTT says:

    ADDED: My misunderstanding..thanks


    • Craig says:

      No, I’d not seen that one just yet. If one takes a careful look at the channeled words of Alice Bailey and compare these to the NAR, one would see some very startling similarities.


  61. IWTT says:

    interesting…I just read a post on Facebook Bethel Church and Christianity where the person said that BJ even has mocked that they need to still read from the bible in order to keep their church status


  62. Since I have Hebrew Roots and Kabbalistic mysticism on my mind these days, I was wondering how they might be connected with Bill Johnson/NAR Christian mysticism or any other mysticism for that matter. Here’s a couple excerpts from this site I found that would claim that contemplation is the main link. Feel free to agree or disagree.


    Wikipedia’s has a list of 400 Christian Mystics9 of whom Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley, John Wimber, Jack Deere, and John Paul Jackson, are all listed. Most of these men have ties to Catholicism. Interesting is the similarity between Christian Mystics and the practices of Kabbalah such as mystical exegesis, prayer/contemplation, pilgrimages to holy graves, etc.
    Mysticism from the Greek (mystikos, meaning ‘an initiate’) is the knowledge of, and especially the personal experience of, states of consciousness, i.e. levels of being, beyond normal human perception, including experience of and even communion with a supreme being. A “mystikos” was an initiate of a mystery religion. Christian mysticism refers to the development of mystical practices and theory within Christianity. It is often connected to mystical theology, which includes the higher forms of contemplation with the idea that private revelations and visions create a union growing out of these between God and the soul, known as the mystical union.10

    …My studies have discovered a clear link between Hinduism, Catholicism, and the NAR as seen in the Vaishnavite saints of India. The Vaishnavite saints of India have a determined dogmatism from which they cannot depart. But the attitude imposed by the dogmas leaves us free to observe the full flowering of Raja-Yoga in St. John of the Cross. Raja-Yoga is not allied with any theology whatsoever, although it exists as the most powerful moving force which propels us towards the realization of mystical theology, whatever our religions may be. Dogmas, Vaisnava or Christian, enter in only when it becomes a matter of interpreting the substance of infused contemplation. Contemplation is the common denominator linking all mystical religions together as one.

    …Many think that one of the big problems with the Emerging Church is their view on relativism (the belief that there are no absolutes). But they may be wrong, very wrong. Brian McLaren rejected relativism in a Powerpoint presentation viewed last year. Relativism does not describe the Emerging Church. As McLaren himself said, it has to go beyond that … and indeed it does. Where do we go from relativism, according to McLaren … what else …. interspirituality. But remember interspirituality is the outcome of contemplative prayer and is the uniting of all religions and the denial that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation. So many of the scholars who are analyzing the emerging church may be missing something that is right under their noses.14 Interspirituality is a term coined by Wayne Teasdale, a lay monk at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, who combines the traditions of Christianity and Hinduism in his spiritual journey. And that is what the Emergent is, a mixed bag of spirituality.

    *“In a nutshell Interspirituality means that when you have entered the world of the Heart, the question of who is right or wrong with regard to belief or creed is pretty much irrelevant“ *– Wayne Teasdale

    You see, if you throw belief and creed out the window you end up with a cross between the 60’s hippies and the 70’s Jesus culture, all hitting acid and floating off into a mindless theology twilight zone. It develops into a “anything goes,” “if it’s your truth then it is truth,” every man does that which is right in his own eyes mentality. But then….that is Contemplative Spirituality!


  63. IWTT says:

    New blog site that is of interest. Thought you might like… http://repentbethelredding.com/


  64. IWTT: My comment may seem unrelated to Bill Johnson mocking the requirement to read the Bible as a prerequisite keep church status, but getting in touch with the divine spark or trying find union with God apart from his Word (i.e. Contemplative Spirituality), is not unrelated. It should be obvious to Christians who have read and believed the gospel that we already have Christ in us, the hope of glory. We have already received the Light that gives us faith and understanding of the Truth as we read the Word. We have no need to continue to hunt for Jesus…if we do, it will be a false Jesus and apart from the Word, (Jesus in us), there’s no hope of finding eternal life.


  65. My big finger just hit “post comment” somehow before I finished editing. Should read “as a reprequisite of keeping church status”.

    Anyhow, isn’t that what this blog is mostly about? It’s not just the negative. It’s showing how we can know the difference between the real and the counterfeit Jesus.


  66. IWTT says:

    CarolynOneTruth: My comment to Craig was just a small newsy thing I was sending him rather than going through e-mail. I think it is all related, your post, mine what Craig writes here and others post. I agree with the writer of the site I posted @ 11:33… I believe Bethel is a cult. And as Craig said, not surprising since it centers (Bethel) around “new revelation” which supersede the “Word of God”. And all of these other are really kind of the same way right? Always a direct “line” to “God” bring new revelation which supersedes the written word these days.

    So, where you responding to my post about making a mockery at the written word by Bethel leaders?

    And a big 10-4 to your question. Yes that is what this blog is about. Did you think I was meaning something else?


  67. IWTT, thanks for the reply. I wrote my blog comment before I read your last comment about the new blog. Your comment may have been there already, but I didn’t see it. Therefore I was responding to your first comment about Bill Johnson’s facebook comment.

    Those who have begun in the Spirit are now listening to a man who has begun to teach apart from the Word of God. Are they in danger of losing the true Word of Truth in which they first believed?

    Not to get into a discussion about OSAS, but I’ve had a few conversations with those who adhere to a doctrine of Once Saved Always Saved…those who believe once you’ve “been saved” you can do what you want and you’ll never lose your salvation. But I see many places in the Scripture that if you don’t stay with what you first believed by faith, the Biblical gospel of your salvation which is that Christ died, shed his blood for us and resurrected and lives in us with that same resurrection power, you can and may lose your salvation if you don’t turn back. You will have believed in vain, as the following Scripture also states.

    1 Corinthians 15:1Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.


  68. IWTT, While it pains me to be negative, I must tell the truth. Here’s my answer to the blog you linked to…

    Although Tony Miano may be able to correctly discern error in another false teacher, he has yet to discern error in the leader of his own church. He says:

    “My name is Tony Miano. I am a member of Grace Community Church. I am an evangelist who leads a ministry called Cross Encounters Ministries.”

    I don’t know anything about Tony Miano but I do know quite a bit about John MacArthur. And his changes to the word of God are so grievous and loud, that I cannot hear anything else he or those who minister with him have to say because of it.

    He says it was not literal blood that Christ took into the temple. He says it was his his death that saved us. My Bible says differently. To my knowledge, though John M has been grilled on his error and though he has complicated his reply, he has never retracted his belief that it was not literal blood. That is not the gospel.

    Hebrews 9:11But Christ being come an high priest of good things to come, by a greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to say, not of this building; 12Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us.

    Also, he has never retracted his false teaching about the mark of the beast…that if you take the mark, you can be forgiven…and that is, to my knowledge up to date as of last year, 2014. My Bible says different.

    Revelation 14:9Then another angel, a third one, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, 10he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed in full strength in the cup of His anger; and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

    Two verses apply caution to changing anything in the Word of God:

    Revelation 22:18I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues which are written in this book; 19and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book.…

    Luke 8:18Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have.

    So, although Tony Miano says:

    “Like other false teachers at Bethel Redding, Vallotton preys upon the non-Bereans who follow his “teaching”–people who will not turn to the scriptures to see if what what Vallotton is feeding them is poisonous, let alone edible.”

    and although he boasts,

    “While others have done fine work in cataloging information about Bethel Redding, I’ve decided it’s time I lend a more organized level of assistance to the effort.”

    I’ll stay with discernment sites get their own house in order before they go after others.


  69. IWTT says:

    carolynonetruth: Have you by any chance read on FB the site Bethel Church and Christianity? My intent here, was just to pass on some information that might be useful. Maybe not.

    Craig and I go way back before he even started this blog site and I was just trying to shorten the process of sending him a message about a group of people that concerns us both, Bethel. Again, my intent is to show, that Bethel mocks the word of God and apparently only go to it so they can keep their “church” status. I assume mostly to get the tax break? I don’t know. Bethel is Word of Faith, NAR, Super-hyper-charismatic group, a cult. I have seen many a friend drink the cool-ade and fallen for the deception.

    I am pleased that you have searched out the site I mentioned. I confess I had not looked deeply into the man or ministry, but I see someone who is willing to take on the falseness of Bethel and I only wanted to give some info to those who might find it useful. As usual, this site does a great job of testing others words including mine and correcting if need be. I expected no less about this site that I listed.

    I am not going to get into a debate about John MacArthur at this time because my focus is Bethel Church and the damage it has done to friends and family AND because I too fell into deception until God graciously opened my eyes and I want to help others see the false Jesus of Bethel Church.


  70. IWTT, I didn’t mean to disagree with anything you said. Quite the opposite, with regards to Bethel being a cult. Totally agree. I hope you didn’t mind that I butted into the conversation with you and Craig. Was inspired to share a few thoughts is all.

    Carolynonetruth is my wordpress handle because Carolyn was already gone and I tried about 50 other combinations and finally onetruth was available. So “Carolyn come lately to wordpress” is the same Carolyn that has been commenting here since a couple years back. And of course, I have shared how the charismatic WoF was my world ad nauseum. It was the Word of God that I had to choose over what I was hearing from my favourite false teachers. If I had not been reading the Word, and seeing the contradictions I would never have left.

    I hope I didn’t sound harsh toward you. I feel only warmth and mental fuzzies…:-)

    I would prefer not to get into a discussion about John MacArthur as well. There is already plenty on the web about him. I was just creating an awareness of what some who are new to the discussion might not know. After that, it’s up to the reader to search out the truth of the matter.


  71. IWTT says:

    We are good to go Carolyn…. No problem … No harshness felt…. God Bless


  72. 10-4 Good Buddy!


  73. Don’t know about some of you, but the more evil I’m made aware of and the more I speak up for my Lord, the more oppression I feel from the enemy. But there is a place of stability and rest for my mind. So rather than fold up my little wings and hide under a leaf in overwhelming fear and dread, I will hide myself in the Truth.

    In these troubled times, we must remember that great verse:
    KJV/TR Isaiah 26:3Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

    or if you like:
    NASB Is. 26:3“The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You.

    Craig, yesterday I was reading over some of my comments (above) to you last September about ISIS…won’t revisit that, although it’s always curious to wonder and speculate about what we are seeing. To some extent we have uncovered the truth, but the occult means “hidden” because that’s what it is. I like the phrase “moving target”, because you can’t pin it down…there are just too many ducks to line up.

    Well, come to think of it, that’s the Satanic strategy…to keep things moving in such a secretive, hidden, and complex way that most people don’t catch on. That’s how I see Bill Johnson’s kingdom…confused and complex…organized chaos. It’s also how I see all the mega empires of Christendom. They have a front of Christianity but they are wolves that feed only themselves. They churn out any number of brands of Christianity that don’t match up with the Biblical gospel.
    Therefore, attempts at corralling evil into an organized apologetic is limited at best. And those that might think they have everything figured out (like we all do at some point) are fooling themselves. We cannot see the occult and therefore we don’t understand fully what they’re doing. Never will. On the other hand Christ has given us a uncomplicated book of truth. The truth of Christ is enough.

    It was suggested to me by someone recently, that we should be preaching against Israel because it is not the Israel of God. The leaders are evil. Well if you take all the players on the stage of end-time history…they are ALL quite evil…whether they be Mossad or ISIS or a myriad of other NWO actors. Scripture says there is evil everywhere and the whole earth lies under the spell of the evil one. Anyhow…why should we fret?

    To be sure, the Zionists of the NWO have plotted to get the land for themselves but it will not be theirs for long. Two-thirds of them will die. The title deed is already in the possession of the Lamb. When Christ returns in the clouds, a remnant will be ready to receive their King and Messiah.

    Romans 9:27 27 Esaias also crieth concerning Israel, Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, a remnant shall be saved: 28For he will finish the work, and cut it short in righteousness: because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth.

    Israel is in the land in unbelief. The Lord will cleanse the land of all it’s evil inhabitants with his wrath being poured out during the trib. There will still be a remnant of Israel in the land that will turn to the Lord during the tribulation. How do I know? Because there is scriptural evidence….so there must be a remnant there in order to saved. It’s almost time for Christ to come back so the focus must be on Israel. He will set up his kingdom there.

    So here’s the endgame. Am I worried? Nope.

    Matthew 22:44
    “‘The Lord said to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet.”‘

    Hebrews 1:13
    To which of the angels did God ever say, “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet”?

    In conclusion, as in Noah’s day, only a very small number of people were saved out of the flood of evil. This flood of evil is building up for a very specific purpose…judgement of the wicked of unbelievers. Therefore, I plan to be in the ark. I’m Carolyn and I’m settled on one truth…Christ and his Word.


  74. maria says:

    Carolyn ..maybe you should change your name to


    just a suggestion….


  75. maria…lol…maybe….but I bet it’s not available.


  76. Since I endorsed the site of anothervoice184.blogspot.com I have returned to expose Tom’s false teaching which is a teaching of unconditional election. Since he will not allow my posts on the basis of my stand on grace by faith alone…I was forced to have a discussion with him. EDIT: There was an email exchange between us in which he sidelines the issue and tries to discredit my testimony on the basis of me being a woman. Craig, you can post this if you want or not, but my conscience is clear…I no longer will have anything to do with his site since he twists the gospel to include only the “elect”, “the chosen”…which can mean anything from a cultist point of view to a Jewish elitism, depending on which ideology one is plugged into…



    • Craig says:


      As a general rule, I do not post content from emails, as I feel that everyone should have a reasonable expectation of privacy in email exchanges, even though, as I understand, legally, only if you specifically place a disclaimer to this effect in your email will said email by ‘private.’ I know that I myself can be more candid in emails than I would be if I were posting something openly.


  77. Craig, that’s fine. Although there was nothing of a personal nature in the email that could not be put on a public blog….just a theological debate, I can understand your reluctance to publish.

    My purpose in the expose was to show how another gospel is being preached…one not of grace through faith but of grace by election. People are always looking for something else to supersede the gospel of faith. It’s just not complete enough for them. They must add some man made spiritual sounding adjustment, one that if you don’t go along with, your Christianity becomes illegitimate. Your faith in Christ is no longer sufficient, you must also submit to this doctrine, whether it be OSAS or Unconditional Election. Selective Election, I call it, because they only select passages that fit their doctrine of election. You will never get these doctrines by simply reading the Scriptures. They are man taught, adding their own alterations and configurations to the Word. In explaining what is being said they guide your thinking with a little extra wording here and there to explain the explanation – reading into the Word what it does not say (no charge). This is classic cult fare.

    This teaching of the sovereignty of God, for example, has become an idol in the mind of man. It sets up a false humility that makes everything about God and nothing about man. Our fellow man is then judged on the basis of compliance with this man-taught doctrine.

    For instance, this passage, verse 48 was pointed out to me as a reason to believe in unconditional election but if you read the verses before it…the Jews were rejected by their own willful choice. Paul said “since you reject it, and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, behold, we turn to the Gentiles.”…They had a choice!

    NKJV Acts 13:44 On the next Sabbath almost the whole city came together to hear the word of God. 45 But when the Jews saw the multitudes, they were filled with envy; and contradicting and blaspheming, they opposed the things spoken by Paul. 46 Then Paul and Barnabas grew bold and said, “It was necessary that the word of God should be spoken to you first; but since you reject it, and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, behold, we turn to the Gentiles. 47 For so the Lord has commanded us:

    ‘I have set you as a light to the Gentiles,
    That you should be for salvation to the ends of the earth.’”[k]
    48 Now when the Gentiles heard this, they were glad and glorified the word of the Lord. And as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed.

    My question is simply this: do we have faith, or have we replaced it with something else…a different gospel, a different doctrine. It is by grace you are saved through faith…that is the original. We don’t get to heaven on the basis of election. We get to heaven on the basis of our faith, if we continue in the faith (Col. 1:23)

    Galatians 1:6 I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel, 7 which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. 8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. 9 As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.

    10 For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a bondservant of Christ. 11 But I make known to you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached by me is not according to man. 12 For I neither received it from man, nor was I taught it, but it came through the revelation of Jesus Christ.

    Let’s be persuaded to say with Paul:

    1 Timothy 4:7I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith;

    Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith….we press on…


  78. http://www.whale.to/b/joni_mitchell.html

    Craig, you should take a look at this….I was doing a bit of research on music today and came across this. I had to come back here to see if I remembered rightly…that you had posted something on Joni Mitchell.


    • Craig says:

      Yes, I posted something about her in the Misplace Trust II article. Even more recently, I posted the clip of the 1970 show above in this same thread on Nov 17, 2014.

      I’d not heard about her ‘friend’ Art, though I can’t say I’m surprised. However, I don’t hear a big difference in her voice on the two audio/videos. What the author of the piece hasn’t considered is that Mitchell is a very heavy smoker, which had lowered her voice by then. It’s much worse in her more recent recordings, sadly.


  79. Not only smoking can cause difference in vocals…she is much younger in the first video. I don’t see that Art has anything to do with her voice…he is her muse i.e. source of inspiration for a creative artist.

    To be honest I didn’t pick up on what he (the author) was implying (possession?) but if that was the case, would the voice necessarily change over time?


    • Craig says:

      OK, I’m sorry, but I’m just not getting what the author could possibly mean by posting the same song at different times except to contrast her voice, with this difference having something to do with ‘Art.’ And, given the fact that she had a range to include soprano, I just don’t see how ‘Art’ would have been associated with her voice.

      Bottom line: I understand the author’s quote as stating she has an “imaginary friend” who is more than “imaginary;” but I don’t get the reason for the contrasting videos, i.e. how it relates to ‘Art,’ when it’s the same song.


      • Craig says:

        I suppose my “bottom line” earlier wasn’t very well written. In any case, I’ll assume the author accurately quoted the piece referenced, but s/he lost credibility with me with the illustration of the two contrasting video/audios.


  80. I will agree with you. I read Joni’s quote on another website and then when I saw this one standing alone, I thought it would be better to link to. That’s why I missed the author’s voice comparison videos. Dashed off before listening to them. That particular point missed the mark by a country mile. There are other singers who ARE possessed by something and their whole demeaner changes. Beonce to Sasha Fierce comes to mind.

    This has also reminded me of Jackie Evancho who from a little girl has sang like an angel. She says, “When I sing, something just overpowers me and it makes me feel very comfortable and very happy.” I won’t link to you tube but she’s easy to find. “Jackie Evancho – A Journey to Stardom” is a good one. It’s what I mean by her voice has not changed…I have a hard time relating to a little girl with a much older voice.


  81. Last point. You would know this as well as anyone, since I perceive that you have high LI (lyrical intelligence). As Christians we cannot comfortably listen to much secular pop music for the purpose of being entertained because even if it presents as the voice of an angel there is another spirit behind the music, and another spirit is…well…another spirit. Another spirit brings another message.


    • Craig says:

      Sorry, but I don’t know what lyrical intelligence is. I looked it up briefly on the ‘net, and it seems to point to song lyrics as being written at either a high (intellectual) or low (not so intelligent) level.

      In any case, music itself is neutral; it’s not inherently ‘spiritual’ with any certain discernible spirit behind it. Lyrics are another matter. We’ve had this discussion before.


  82. IWTT says:

    Ok, so I listened to the two recording, only for a brief moment. 1) She did it in two different keys and 2) notice in the 1st video she did the cording at the high end of the finger board and the capo is on the 4th fret and the second she used open cord at the lower end of the finger board with the capo at the 2nd fret. That fret position changes the tuning of the guitar. Forces her to use the lower tones in her range. I can hear the difference.

    I think we need to be careful here. I agree music is neutral. There has been so much added to the teachings of the hyper-charismatic movement about “prophetic worship” that I fear we are attaching to much credit for the “supernatural-ness (is this a word) to music. Believe me, I know, I taught it for years. Look at what is the focus of IHOP and Bethel. It is the time (long sessions and repetition) spent on the MUSIC in order to bring about an emotional response thereby bringing about false signs and wonders and prophecies, etc. The music itself isn’t anything, it is how the people respond to what is going on. The frenzy it leads to, if you will.

    IMHO…. :>)


    • Craig says:


      Thanks for explaining the different keys in the two recordings. I’ve a feeling that by the time of the 2nd one Mitchell was just not able to reach the highest register of her voice without ‘over-singing,’ due to cigarette smoking, and perhaps age.

      I agree with your take on the music in ‘prophetic worship,’ which relies on repetition to help induce suggestive state. Listeners have to allow themselves to be put into the mildly hypnotic states, which in turn allows deceptive spirits to creep in. Otherwise, without the listeners’ receptivity the music has no inherent ‘spirit,’ and poses no intrinsic danger.


  83. schtoltzie says:

    [comment moved by admin/Craig]

    Hi Craig. Found your blog through M’Kayla.

    I am noticing the beginnings of a pattern with the prophetic movement when the initial anointing comes on the leader. Bill Johnson talks about being woken up at 3:00 am, unable to control his body. Heidi Baker had an experience where she had to be taken back to her hotel, unable to move. She is able to take a pee at 3:00 am or so, get back to bed, where she is once again immobilized. My wife attended Stacey Campbell’s church for several years, and heard her testimony about flailing uncontrollably in bed while Wes remained asleep. She also had an anointing when she was “commissioned for international ministry” come on her on stage one service where her limbs all started “marching” while she lay prone on her back on the floor.

    I am looking for evidence of any other leaders in the movement that had similar experiences when they first receive their “anointing”. Can you affirm this at all, or give me any other examples?



    • Craig says:


      Sorry, I can’t really affirm any of this. All we have are the words of those making said claims. Are they just delusional? Having bad dreams after late night pizza? Being untruthful? All we can do is report what they’ve said/written. That’s not to say I think they’re making it up. That’s not to say there’s not the strong possibility of demonic activity behind it all. The best we can do is write “so-and-so said/wrote…”


  84. Maria billingsley says:

    Schtoltzie..I am here to tell you that these manifestations are not Holy. Just as the Jews followed practices from BABALONIA ,so do weak Christians in faith fall into the same spirit. I was into a Hindu cult and these were the manifestations that were delivered to me. So please do not be impressed by this as it is Satan bouncing them around and God allowing it because they do not believe in the truth.


  85. schtoltzie says:

    Maria, I apologise if my comment was unclear. Impressed? On the contrary, I am extremely concerned, so concerned that I am beginning to see a connection between alien abduction experiences and the “anointing” that comes upon these prophetic leaders. I believe that this is a valid connection, and I do believe it is demonic. How that fits theologically I am not sure yet. Lots of reading and research to do.

    By the way, I asked M’Kayla the same question, and she pointed me to James Goll’s testimony. If that’s not a demonic manifestation, then those who disagree simply lack discernment I believe.


  86. schtoltzie says:

    I will look at these in depth Craig. Thank you. We have a growing group in my area that are all concerned – topic of much discussion most of the time. Also, a pastor and congregation that isn’t concerned at all.

    The alien/demonic connection is definitely well researched. I have several sources, listening to Tom Horn, Joe Jordan for a long time. Jacques Vallee and many others who aren’t even Christians have pointed out that ufology is more closely related to demonology than anything else. What I want to do is make the connection between the modern prophetic movement/Toronto Blessing/Bethel etc and the alien abduction/New Age experiences. I believe there is a correlation. Well, in fact I know there is, but showing it is another matter. Your titles above refer to New Age, so the jump looks like it will be small baby steps if you prove it well.

    I hadn’t heard of Cumbey yet, and will look forward to reading more about her.


  87. schtoltzie says:

    That title I know very well. I think it’s time to give it a good read. Thanks.
    Reading one of the articles. Nice work. So so subtle.

    Question – what do you think is going on in the “impartation” of anointing? Does it become an attachment of a familiar spirit?

    Question – Everyone at our church professes to love and acknowledge Jesus Christ, salvation from sins, etc. Our pastor, in a 2 hour meeting I and a friend had with him, believes that if people sincerely love Jesus, and are asking Him for good gifts, He is only going to give good gifts. Ergo, whatever they receive is from the Father. ie. They are “protected” from receiving an evil gift. Something is amiss in this. It seems to me that in receiving this anointing, there is a glitch in the way it’s asked for, desired, etc.


    • Craig says:

      Question – what do you think is going on in the “impartation” of anointing? Does it become an attachment of a familiar spirit?

      Check out the “‘Christ’ in the New Age” article.

      As to the 2nd question, I was told by someone involved in this sort of thing that if you were a Christian, having the Holy Spirit indwelling, you could go into the spiritual realm without fear of deceiving spirits. This didn’t sit well with me. You wrote: Something is amiss in this. It seems to me that in receiving this anointing, there is a glitch in the way it’s asked for, desired, etc. Yes; I think it comes down to the heart’s intent.


  88. schtoltzie ….Aliens? I do not think so. We are talking about spiritual matters not science fiction.
    This is just another aversion from Satan while being perpetuated by the human flesh. It does not take much for someone to wander on to the wide road of destruction. If you go the alien route it will take you a long time to come back to the narrow road that Jesus Christ of Nazareth told us to stay on. It is nonsense, sorry, to bring presumed galactic alien flesh against earthly flesh when the Bible teaches us otherwise. It spiritual warfare.
    If I were you, I would pray for more discernment in this matter. When it really comes down to it, common sense is your best buddy and the Holy Spirit nurtures it.
    Sorry for being harsh.


    • Craig says:


      I think you are misunderstanding Schtoltzie. He’s not saying he agrees that it’s an actual alien abduction. If I understand him correctly, he sees these as demonic experiences as opposed to alien abductions, and he sees these as parallel with the experiences of those who receive the anointing in hyper-charismatic circles. And he is not advocating either one.


  89. Craig..Thank you for the correction, however my statement still stands. Satan has a far more sinister plan and Christians should not fall into the teachings of Tom Horn and the such. Satan will do anything to divert our attention from Christ.
    Now I do not speak from an ignorant position. In the 80’s I was heavily involved in Hindu mysticism which in fact produced the exact same manifestations that are in the “flesh driven” churches today. I also experienced sleep paralysis quite frequently and was visited by demonic entities. But not once have I attributed or given any credence to the alien factor (from outer space).
    You see some of the danger here is the fine line that is being blurred. The merging of aliens and demons is a clever tool for Satan. Remember Satan comes as an “angel of light” so while some focus on the dark side , abduction, Satan is really working as an angel of light like Marian apparitions. While we get entangled in crop circles and alien implants , Satan is masquerading as a healing ministry. While we scour through the Book of Enoch for extra terrestrial information Satan is deceiving through false doctrine.
    I guess what I am getting at is focusing our energy on such things weakens our ability to really discern that which will endanger ones soul a false Gospel.


    • Craig says:


      Thanks for telling more about your background experiences. Perhaps I was unclear, so let me try to be more clear. I don’t think for a second that any of these ‘alien abductions’ actually involve some sort of outer space creature. I believe they are all demonic experiences.

      As for Tom Horn, I’ve criticized him in the comments section here before.


  90. schtoltzie says:

    Craig, thank you. You are close to my intended points. Maria, believe me, I am on the narrow path! Without a lot of links and references, you really need to read and listen to more research before being harsh with me. I have been studying this for a long time. The alien abduction phenomenon is, as LA Marzulli likes to say, ‘real, burgeoning, and not going away.’ Many Christian researchers have pointed out that if you compare it to the faery stories of yester year, it’s a one to one correlation. The fallen angels and demons have simply shifted their methods, taking on whatever guise suits their purpose. In the case of the Bethelites, they are taking on the guise of angels and the Holy Spirit (though how they can do this and not be found out boggles my mind – discernment?)

    This is most definitely spiritual warfare. Understanding Genesis 6, and how this affects the way we read the entire Bible – why there was a flood, why there were giants in the land, why Pharaoh and Herod tried to kill all the babies, and most importantly for us, what the endtime deception will be like (remember, it’s a delusion, a deception – it’s not going to be obvious. “….and (the false Christs and prophets) will give great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.”) Verses like this make me work out my salvation with fear and trembling. Verses like this make me wonder what is happening when Jenn Johnson talks about her blue genie holy spirit, and why Beni Johnson thinks she senses angels sleeping in Sedona California, the location of the longest established esoteric university in the world.

    Any study in the New Age eventually takes one to aliens. These people are following New Age thought. So I believe, as my daughter’s Reader Rabbit game used to say, “It’s a match.” Hopefully seeing it as such will awaken some Christians to what they have allowed themselves to get into.


  91. schtoltzie says:

    I am really enjoying the discussion.

    Nowhere am I advocating beings from Reticulus 9. That’s a flat out lie. The alien story = demons and fallen angels. Period. That’s not extra-terrestial. It’s extra-dimensional. And when people have real experiences, real bruises, real cuts, there are cattle mutilations, human mutilations, people lose hours of time, have sleep paralysis in an ‘alien’ setting, see flying lights, or strange objects (which I have), the Christian community needs a response. We need to have answers.

    There are no spacecraft from Andromeda. I’m not saying that. Maria, your story is powerful, and more need to hear it, for sure. What I am saying is that when you study the alien phenomenon, there is a lot of dovetailing with your story and what these people experience. It’s not flippant diversion! It’s connected. It’s the same thing. Does that make sense?


  92. schtoltzie says:

    Thanks Craig. I was just looking for it, unsuccessfully, when you replied with the link.

    Obviously, this is not new territory for you or some of your readers. Without debating, I’ll just say I am on the ‘sons of God’ side of Genesis 6. If you look at the work of Michael Heiser (www.drmsh.com), I think he proves this very well.

    If I could defend Tom for a minute, you said,

    “The problem with Horn, as from the criticisms I’ve read as I’ve not actually read much of his stuff, is that he fails to interact with serious scholarship. That is, he doesn’t find others of agreement (though I believe he cites 1 Enoch, a very shaky source as it’s, of course, extra-Biblical) to support his views, and he doesn’t cite views against his in order to counter them affectively.

    My impression is that he just wants to sell books.”

    I have many of his books, have listened to many hours of Tom talking on podcasts, and I can assure you serious scholarship is not a weakness. The man is a walking encyclopedia, and his books are FULL of quotes and footnotes, along with the 1000s of pages of pdfs one gets to look where he got his research. And the reason he wants to sell books is to get information out, not to make money. I credit my walk today to men like Tom Horn, and am so thankful for his insights. Horn collaborates with many, many others, so it’s not just him.

    Anyways, that’s my two bits. I thought he should have a little defending!


  93. schtoltzie says:


    Quotes from major researchers, PhDs, etc, linking alien manifestations with the demonic.


  94. Craig says:

    On a never ending quest to improve my writing, I was intrigued by a book I came across (But Can I Start a Sentence with “But”?); so, I purchased it. It’s a style guide in a Q & A format (from actual questions that came up on their website), with questions sometimes answered sarcastically. Right up my alley!

    Here’s one that I think readers here may find humorous (p 29):

    Q: Should the word nature be capitalized in this sentence? “My research goal is to advance a global energy solution copied from Nature itself: artificial photosynthesis.”

    A: If you want the reader to picture a goddess dressed in a flowing garment and flinging fruit and flowers everywhere, yes, cap it and change itself to herself. Otherwise, no.


  95. Craig says:

    This video from 25 years ago illustrates the insanity of PC culture:

    Note that the woman at 2:35 uses the word “boycott” – did she really think about that word? Shouldn’t we change it to humancott? I mean, “boy” sounds demeaning to men, but then it also excludes women…and…

    This absurdity has GOT to end!


  96. Jim says:

    I thought the following might be best parked in Misc Craig, and it is very much to do with a couple of Greek words translated a particular way to suit (incorrectly in my opinion) the traditional view of a conscious, heaven or hell afterlife.

    In 2 Cor 5:6, 8 the word ‘ekdemeo’, used only in these verses, is translated ‘absent’, but more properly is connected to going and living abroad, or emigrating.

    The opposite, ‘endemeo’, again solely used here, is translated ‘present’ but is really about dwelling with one’s own people, in one’s own country.

    2 Cor 5:1-10 is often twinned with Phil 1:23 to make a case for Paul wanting to die and therefore (it is implied) to immediately be with Jesus in an Earthly temporal sense. Similarly, the passage about the thief on the cross is used in like fashion. Together, they are quoted with a handful of others to proclaim the eternal nature of man’s spirit/soul and reinforce the need after death for this disembodied ‘person’ to dwell in heaven or hell until, well until more judgement presumably (the supporting logic begins to get rather fuzzy, but we are talking about Greek dualism’s effect on theology). I’m unconvinced scripture says anything of the sort.

    Here’s what I believe Paul is really saying in 2 Cor 5. He uses ekdemeo and endemeo as ways of referencing our future resurrected state of bodily being. He ties the resurrection to common metaphors of tent vs house (used in the same chapter); in the same vein that Jesus does in John 14 (mansions); similarly, Peter writing about each believer being a living stone (1 Pet 2:5); John in Rev 21:10 and the city of God; and the writer of Heb in 11:9-10 who clearly states that Abraham, the father of faith, emigrated to another land, but had hopes of a different kind of city – a permanent or eternal one. From all the connected analogies we should conclude that the ‘city’ is actually a picture of the assembled throng of resurrected believers (Christ’s Bride in Rev 21), not a mass of actual buildings.

    This is endorsed by Paul consistently preaching a resurrection message, not a disembodied afterlife gospel. That is the reward or crown he envisages. At no stage does he ever suggest he wants to bail on this life and be dead; all he ever sought was that Jesus would return in his life time so he wouldn’t be ‘found naked’ (naked or unclothed = dead), but his current decaying life would be ‘clothed’, or wrapped up in, or ‘swallowed up’ ie when he was still alive, by the resurrection life and new eternal body. That was Paul’s heart’s desire, and one he clearly articulated as being at Christ’s return.

    So, in verse 6 when he says we are present in the mortal body, it is like dwelling in the old country with all the other dying people, as Abram did in Ur. Therefore, we haven’t emigrated to being part of the ‘city’ of the resurrected, becoming a permanent ‘house’ at the point of Christ’s return.

    Conversely in verse 8, Paul switches the usage and notes we would prefer to live abroad having emigrated from the old dying body into the Lord’s presence at his coming (not at the point of death), and so be present with him and among our own resurrected people in the new ‘country’, a renewed Earth.

    In support, Phil 1:23, when taken into proper context, makes clear that Paul’s possible imminent death is gain for Christ not Paul, because if he died the gospel would be preached more boldly not, as is often assumed, that he wanted to die and be in Jesus’s presence. This totally backs his line of reasoning in 2 Cor 5 and elsewhere, such as 1 Thess 4:13-18 and 1 Cor 15. If Paul thought a disembodied afterlife existed, he counted it so trivial as to not warrant mentioning. I suggest the truth is he didn’t even conceive of such an existence.


    • Craig says:


      I’ve not done a study on this specifically, but I’d think you’d have to figure in the “great multitude” of Rev 7 and the “saints” of Rev 13-19.


  97. Jim says:

    Using Revelation as an absolute in support of doctrinal points is fraught with difficulty, not least in taking the imagery and making it literal at some points, but not consistently, or regarding the visions as having a chronological sequence. Certainly there is some flow, but also it chops about too.

    The safest way of reading Revelation, in my view, is that it was a comfort for the early church going through considerable strife; that the readers were overcomers, even if they died for their new faith. Overlaid is its future prophetic nature, yet to be fulfilled, as the time of Christ’s return draws near. Its language is apocalyptic, figurative and illustrative throughout. Souls under the altar, or massed assemblies who died during the tribulation no more prove an intermediate state than the parable of the rich man and Lazarus or summoning up of ‘Samuel’ by a medium.

    Notwithstanding, my point above was that Paul did not want to die so as to be immediately in some disembodied ‘presence’ of Jesus. Nor did he view death as being a portal to such since he knew that without a resurrection, death really was something to be feared – God’s last enemy. In 1 Cor 15 he makes it very clear that were it not for Jesus rising, and so believers in him also having that hope, death would reign supreme and there would be nothing else. Sobering.


  98. Jim says:

    Craig, I’ve been reviewing some teaching by a Dr Jim Richards recently after being introduced to his material by someone in our church. Apparently our church bible school is using his book The Gospel of Peace as a teaching platform. From his website:

    “Dr. Jim Richards combines spirituality, energy medicine, scientific concepts and human intuition into a philosophical approach that aligns spirit, soul and body, resulting in incredible health, emotional, financial and spiritual breakthroughs. Jim is a life coach, consultant, teacher and motivational trainer. He holds doctorates in Theology, Alternative Medicine and Human Behavior. Dr. Richards is an entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses ranging from contracting to real estate to marketing. As a national best-selling author, Dr. Richards has written several books that have sold several million copies around the world.”

    That’s sufficient to send me running; however I’ve not read this particular book but did see a review by churchesofreddeer.ca which wasn’t favourable. Anyway, my point is more Dr Richard’s very clearly stated view that Jesus was a mere man who did what he did, even his own resurrection, through personal faith in God. He is in exactly the same kenotic camp as Bill Johnson.

    Furthermore, he states that on the cross God imparted to him all of man’s sin so he died as a man and as a sinner. He then goes into describing how Jesus occupied a fiery abode of hades before his own faith raised him from the dead. This is from his 28 min teaching video series called ‘3 Days that Changed the World’, in particular the third one. I also took the time to watch several of his Dignity and Worth videos which use the same angle to say God has never been angry with man and we can be just like Jesus was on earth during our lives. There’s more but that’s enough to make me seriously wonder about the spiritual direction my church is headed.


  99. Jim says:

    Listening to a sermon during Pentecost Sunday last week about, wait for it…….the baptism in the Holy Spirit, we were quoted the (commonly used) John 14:12 verse about ‘greater things will you do’ as the proof text. I’m not really convinced that we need any additional assistance after salvation unless Jesus isn’t our all in all, or is in fact insufficient to provide all things necessary for Godly living. It’s a bit like being told you get a free upgrade to business from coach with a HS baptism, but really the salvation plane is entirely business.

    Anyway, reading the rest of the verse it is clear that the greater works are done because Jesus goes to the Father. He explains in the same chapter that he ascends back to heaven so that another helper can come – the Spirit of truth. So, what are these greater works, I have always wondered? The BitHS teaching would suggest we receive special equipping to do greater miracles (whether that’s quantitative or qualitative is never properly expounded, but it’s hard to beat walking on water or raising the dead).

    As of last Sunday, I now believe (not from the sermon I might add) what Jesus meant was that once we had him and the Father indwelling, this new creation would be able to preach and God could reproduce this never-seen-before creature: a human with God inside. Apart from his disciples, Jesus never did this because the Spirit was only imparted after his resurrection and ascension. Sure, some had faith in him, but the old was still in place and the new had not yet come, as Paul put it, even through Jesus’s ministry.

    Seeing new life enter people through the gospel is the greater work we are called to do, not chase after signs and wonders thinking Jesus wants us to do even more astonishing things than he did. In Christ we are fully equipped to live well, impart spiritual gifts etc, all without an extra top-up (with the evidence of indecipherable noise, of course!)


  100. Craig says:

    Now for something totally unrelated to anything on this blog: Enjoy the melancholic beauty of the music of Erik Satie, an influence on modern ambient music. Below is his “Six Gnossiennes: No.1: Lent” (for piano solo) interpreted by Anne Queffélec, with the video a collection of paintings by Édouard Cortès:

    Erik Satie – Once Upon A Time In Paris


  101. Craig says:

    Did you know that Eve was the first #Metoo? Me neither.


  102. Jim says:

    Hi Craig, my son has been offered a place to study jazz at Berklee College, Boston. We should be in the US in Aug/Sep, so exciting times for him. Trust all well with you.


  103. Jim says:

    Hi Craig. Are you on a sabbatical or engaged in other projects right now? I drop by every now and again, but it’s pretty quiet 🤔 Trust all is going ok.


    • Craig says:

      Hey Jim,

      Thanks for the thoughts. I have a lot of things going on, but I do need to post some new content.

      On a music forum I belong to someone had just mentioned Snarky Puppy, and I thought about you and your son. Is your son ready for school?


    • Craig says:

      And, I should note that I’m considering a blog post on 1 John 1:1-4 (it’s one long sentence in the Greek), as I was on another blog, a question came up about it, and I’ve been researching an answer off and on this past week. I learned quite a bit!


  104. Jim says:

    Yep, Snarky Puppy are still one of his iconic go to bands. He went to see Jacob Collier the other day in Sydney and was blown away https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mSqaQaoifww

    Still waiting on Berklee for a final offer.


  105. Jim says:

    I’ll look forward to anything on 1 John 1. I have been trying to communicate the deity of the human Logos on another forum, but they are very entrenched in Jesus as simply a man; indeed, as Jesus being resurrected flesh and blood sustained by God in heaven as a pure man – no God in the mix.


    • Craig says:

      You can see my reply regarding 1 John, broken up into two long comments, here. I briefly discuss John 1, which may help you, but 1 John is difficult to use as a means by which to proclaim Jesus’ Deity. However, 1 John 5:20 seems to be a declaration of His Deity, though see my brief comments on that at the end of the two-part comment I just referenced. If you want to discuss it, let’s move it over to the “Probing the Prologue” series.


  106. Jim says:

    Here are Snarky and Jacob together


    • Craig says:

      I’m more a fan of instrumental jazz (of various types), but I can certainly appreciate the musicianship. The band the arrangements are tight!


      • Craig says:

        …but I’m delighted to see a real Steinway piano, rather than a synth that ‘sounds like’ a piano. And I really enjoy the way he plays in the instrumental parts.


  107. Craig says:

    Oh the irony. In the window to the left of the front door of The Red Hen restaurant—the one that gave Sarah Huckabee Sanders the boot because they were opposed to her politics—has a sign in the window with these words: “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend”. What empty rhetoric.

    See @ 13 seconds here.


  108. Norrin Radd says:

    Ok, this really IS a “Misc.” thread, judging by the variety of the posts. I hope it’s ok if I take this opportunity to test the html tags.








  109. Norrin Radd says:

    Regarding “A Different Gospel” — McConnell’s documentation of Hagin’s use of Kenyon is stellar. I wish I could get a copy of the Dale Simmons book he mentions; apparently it contains even more examples.

    However, you should also check out The Word-Faith Controversy by Rob Bowman. He agrees that the problems with WF are many and serious, but he doesn’t agree with all the reasoning of McConnell. He’s even more critical of the approach taken by HH in Christianity in Crisis.


    • Craig says:

      Regarding Bowman’s book, years ago I was on a discussion board and others were promoting the book. However, there was something about his criticism of McConnell that I disagreed with. While I don’t recall the exact nature, I think it had to do with his view of some occult material, and, assuming my memory is correct, it was material with which I was familiar and I disagreed with Bowman in favor of McConnell.


  110. Norrin Radd says:

    On Dave Black’s “Drunk in the Spirit” article — Are you sure you and he did not take a satire site as serious news? That “Lark News” site, IMO, is pretty reminiscent of the Babylon Bee.


    • Craig says:

      Regarding Black’s article (man, that was forever ago!), I wasn’t familiar with “Lark News”, so the joke is on both Black and me! I suppose the word “lark” should have been a clue…


  111. Norrin Radd says:

    On the “pig head” stuff — For decades, a local church has featured a <url=https://www.familychristmasonline.com/ceremonies/boars_head/boars_head.htm>Boar’s Head Festival every Christmas season.


  112. Norrin Radd says:

    What’s the code for hiding a url behind text? My attempt failed. Or… Looking at it… maybe something got “lost.” Huh. I’ll try it again.

    <url=https://www.familychristmasonline.com/ceremonies/boars_head/boars_head.htm>Boar’s Head Festival


    • Craig says:

      Try this, substituting left and right arrows for my left and right brackets:

      [a href=”the_url_you_want_hyperlinked”]name of source link[/a]

      in your case (be sure to leave a space between “a” and “href” and quotes around url):

      [a href=”https://www.familychristmasonline.com/ceremonies/boars_head/boars_head.htm”]Boar’s Head Festival[/a]


  113. Craig says:

    The pre-game dance was pretty impressive and mostly well-received. The event itself was short and sweet.


  114. Jim says:

    Well it’s your website Craig


  115. Jim says:

    Yes. The numbers are a manipulated scam. The fight clip – man doing flips is CDC?


  116. Jim says:

    It ok Craig, I was not serious about cranking up another discussion on the same topic. We covered it well enough and I don’t have anything new to add.


    • Craig says:

      OK; sorry I misunderstood you–the perils of the somewhat one-dimensional aspect of online communication.

      To your question/statement re intellectual property, technically that’s true; but, I won’t say you cannot appropriate some for your own usage. The only thing I’d request is that my words remain in their proper contexts–which may mean some didn’t come out as well-thought as they should have.

      I’m still working on this one article which will serve as a background for another and then to yet another. It ended up more expansive than I’d intended, but I don’t wish to short-change the subject. It will certainly provoke thought.


      • Craig says:


        In case you are wondering what happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the video below provides the account as I’ve witnessed after viewing HOURS of footage, though I cannot verify some of the details of the initial shooting of Rosembaum:

        And why haven’t some of “Antifa” or BLM been charged for their crimes? We have video evidence. In a word: corruption.


  117. Jim says:

    This seems to be going the Judge Judy route already. I don’t know how a fair trial can take place when the MSM is the courtroom.

    I’m sure it’s been said many times already but your country, Craig, is at a tipping point and both sides will blame the other when things really start to pick up speed. I sense the hurt, pain and anger bubbling to the surface more readily and hope that you can ride out the coming storm.


    • Craig says:

      This sort of thing goes on quite often. Best I recall, Obama is the one who started the trend of litigating trials outside the courtroom–in those high profile cases in which a black man was shot. Then, predictably, when the shooter is found not guilty, mayhem ensues. The statistical truth is that in violent situation involving police a White man is about twice as likely to be shot by a police officer than a Black man. But this is distorted by the fact of the high criminality rate among the Black population. FBI stats indicate that Blacks, which make up 13% of the total population, are arrested for approximately 50% of the total of violent crimes. But our propagandist media hides this and only focuses on cases in which there’s a White perpetrator on a Black (the reverse is rarely reported, and if so, not given nearly the exposure), thus creating a lopsided view of what is really happening. Though I cannot recommend because of language and the way he does his reporting, Tommy Sotomayor, a Black man, has been showing this sort of thing on YouTube for years, noting the hypocrisy.

      I’ll relay an incident I saw on YouTube which exemplifies this. There is (was?) a (very grainy) video of a shooting on a busy Florida highway. A Black security guard–a big man–was traveling at speeds up to 100mph and being chased by a White police officer in his cruiser. After finally pulling over–and with all lanes of highway traffic stopped–the security guard storms out of his vehicle, charges the officer and subdues him. They wrestle on the ground, but the large Black man was tiring out the smaller officer. Then a person, with a concealed-carry license emerges from one of the stopped cars with his gun at the ready. The man tells the guard to get off the officer, “or I’ll shoot”. The guard disregards the order and gets shot. The officer has to now push the man off of him.

      This cannot make the national news because: (a) the powers-that-be (PTB) want gun control, and (b) the legal shooter was a Black man. This doesn’t fit the narrative. The man was deemed a hero by the police department and by locals largely.

      It’s sad. I’m on the side of truth, wherever that leads. And I’m tired of the media and high profile individuals stoking an ‘us vs. them’ war, whether it be race, gender, etc. But this was the goals set forth for the communist revolution:

      The schools teach that Capitalism is inherently bad (though, in truth, the bad aspect is crony Capitalism, and its recipients plan to be at the top of new order resulting from the goal to create haves and have-nots–no middle class) and that America is irredeemably bad (“systemic racism”, etc.) to the point it must be completely taken down (‘defund police’, Green New Deal). So, there is this really weird cognitive dissonance resulting in Leftist Whites telling conservative Blacks that they are deceived–that there really is systemic racism, that all Blacks are oppressed while all Whites have “White privilege”–and these Leftist Whites will tell them they are trying to use their “White privilege” to help Blacks. But doesn’t it sound like the Leftist Whites are racist (Blacks cannot make it without his supposed “White privilege” to help them)?

      Though our 2-Party system is somewhat of a ruse–there’s folks on both sides working for the destruction of America–Biden’s campaign is in a pickle for denying the problems in places like Portland, Oregon (what rioting?), and now having to admit there’s been a problem, trying to blame it on Trump. But any knowledgeable person knows that every police Chief can only act to the extent the Mayor allows, who acts in accordance with the Governor; and, it’s these Leftist Democrat areas that are the most affected by this crap. The police are told to stand down. Had Kenosha accepted Trump’s offer from the outset to send in Federal troops to assist in anticipated unrest, there would have been no Rittenhouse incident. And none of the intervening Burning, Looting, and Mayhem.


      • Craig says:

        Let me add: This must happen in order to bring about a global government, and in turn to implement a mark of the beast. We certainly have the technology for such a mark, but we lack a universal power structure to force global implementation.


        • Craig says:

          Nancy Pelosi’s Covid19 hypocrisy:

          California Governor Newsom has closed ALL salons, yet she can get her hair done SANS mask, all the while claiming we should all be wearing masks (below is from Trump’s own YouTube channel):


        • Craig says:

          The riotous, violent actions of BLM/”Antifa”, coupled with a complicit and/or inept mayor and corrupt DA, induced the Chief of Police, a competent, well-liked Black woman, to resign:


  118. Jim says:

    Ol’ Nancy’s as out to lunch as ol’ Joe. There’s something about them that just makes me think the brain is desperately scrabbling for two more gears, but the mouth just ain’t cooperating.


  119. Jim says:

    Watched a Donut operator summary vid of Kenosha. Wow, some scenes of groups where every other person is tooled up with a long barrel, and goodness knows how many pistols were in that crowd. Law enforcement would become a military responsibility for sure if it let loose. How many police officers sign up for running armed battles in suburbia? That’s special ops territory!


    • Craig says:

      Open carry of long rifles is allowed in many states, such as here in Texas. In fact, there were armed militia outside the Alamo here when there was threat of “Antifa”/BLM attacking it. The militia formed a semi-circle and local police formed a perimeter just outside them.

      Those long-rifle toting in Kenosha were the locals, because the local police were understaffed for such a large ‘fiery but mostly peaceful protest’ (quote from one news source, as fire rages in background). I noted a few ‘protestors’ packing handguns, two of whom specifically displayed them menacingly.

      Had the Kenosha mayor and the Wisconsin Governor taken Trump on his offer for assistance, the Rittenhouse shooting would not have happened. We’ll see how these things proceed. Last I heard the Oregon State Police were Federally deputized, thereby, as I understand, giving them authority to arrest on Federal crimes.


      • Craig says:

        This guy is hilarious! This satirical video is spot on–and scary:

        JP: “You’re a monopoly.”

        The ‘YouTube censorship guy’: “Thank you.”

        JP: “What’s the reason?”

        The ‘YouTube censorship guy’: “Reason? We don’t want Trump reelected.”


  120. Jim says:

    Tony Heller must be walking a fine line with ThemTube.

    Good board shorts though.


  121. Jim says:

    Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio


  122. Jim says:

    Thinking about it, I should probably have put Transmission on your A Welcome Trend post 🙂


  123. Craig says:

    The Preying Mantis

    Over the past few weeks, daily I’ve been seeing this rather large praying mantis on the screen just outside the sliding glass door to my patio. Sometimes I’d observe her for a bit as she patiently awaited prey. But I’ve never seen her actually dine—thankfully.

    Perhaps I’m a bit starved for social interaction, for sometimes I gently wave and say, “Hello; how are you?” One time, as she abruptly turned her head about 130 degrees and peered at me, I thought I perceived her to reply, “Just killer; how ‘bout you?”

    I wasn’t sure how to respond.


  124. Jim says:

    RIP Chick. My son wanted to see you and is a sad young jazz pianist that this won’t happen, at least not in his lifetime. I told him the best way to honour a musician’s memory is to keep it going by the way you play.

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  125. Jim says:

    Wendy Cope also wrote this:

    ’May you live in interesting times.’ Chinese curse
    If you ask me ‘What’s new?’, I have nothing to say
    Except that the garden is growing.
    I had a slight cold but it’s better today.
    I’m content with the way things are going.
    Yes, he is the same as he usually is,
    Still eating and sleeping and snoring.
    I get on with my work. He gets on with his.
    I know this is all very boring.
    There was drama enough in my turbulent past:
    Tears and passion – I’ve used up a tankful.
    No news is good news, and long may it last,
    If nothing much happens, I’m thankful.
    A happier cabbage you never did see,
    My vegetable spirits are soaring.
    If you’re after excitement, steer well clear of me.
    I want to go on being boring.
    I don’t go to parties. Well, what are they for,
    If you don’t need to find a new lover?
    You drink and you listen and drink a bit more
    And you take the next day to recover.
    Someone to stay home with was all my desire
    And, now that I’ve found a safe mooring,
    I’ve just one ambition in life: I aspire
    To go on and on being boring.

    By Wendy Cope

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  126. Jim says:

    That was a cut from another post so the first line is irrelevant Craig. But I’ve been considering whether being ‘boring’ or ‘simple’ are counter to life in God’s kingdom. I’ve been listening to this a good deal in the last day or so:

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  127. Jim says:

    In a society that demands I be both entertained and entertaining, I am increasingly finding the journey towards simplicity gets harder and more challenging. Still, never give up!

    By the way, we’ve been getting pictures of fairly deep snow way south in your state and others. Pretty treacherous conditions for folk who have never really driven in snow and ice. Stay safe.

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  128. Craig says:

    “Boring” is quite fine by me. And “simple”. My complexities come from the material I read and write; but, I want my life as simple as possible.

    The weather here was treacherous, but not as bad as other parts of Texas (and other states). Since I grew up in the NE USA and learned to drive there, I know how to drive in this, but native Texans DO NOT.

    I was pretty fortunate throughout the ordeal, only experiencing what I’d call “inconvenience”. The weather is fine today, the remaining closed ramps/roads due to weather conditions were opened by noon today.

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  129. Jim says:

    Hi Craig, funny you post that climate video. Yesterday I was reading Mark 14 and for some reason wondered about why Peter gathered with others around an open fire brazier as he followed Jesus after Jesus’s arrest. It’s pretty obvious – he was cold. Cut to Greenland temp graph and it’s at a minimum around that period in time.

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  130. Jim says:

    Mind you it’s cold there for Passover at the moment. Lows in Jerusalem tonight of 4C.


    • Craig says:

      That is cold. It’s been a bit cooler than usual here, as well.

      But just think how much cooler it would be if we didn’t have all the man-made CO2 emissions…


  131. Jim says:

    😂 exactly. And just think how much desertification would be happening without the slowly rising CO2 prompting increased overall plant growth. I’d far rather see us shutting down indiscriminate jungle logging to plant canola etc and falsely claiming bio fuels will save the planet from AGW.

    He is correct that the IPCC is the keeper of a climate religion. But how did that helicopter land and even get over the closely guarded 200’ ice cliffs of Antarctica? Must have been a false location shot 🙄

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  132. Jim says:

    Coming to an increasingly radical left superpower near you…


  133. Jim says:

    I’ve long thought that MSM news should just stick to this level of reporting:

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  134. Jim says:


    Reminds me of advertising back 60 years ago that smoking was cool and even good for you! If you have to advertise vax shots, then it’s now a private / public commercial enterprise.


  135. Jim says:

    You won’t find the words ‘climate change’ in this article.


    And in a Sky news Australia clip recently they called out Biden for stating that CC was the single biggest threat to world stability in a speech to military personnel. The reason? All the people moving away from rising seas and so being displaced. Even our lefty ABC news reluctantly ran a piece saying island land masses in the Indonesian archipelago were increasing, not shrinking.

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  136. Craig says:

    Modern day Jonah:


  137. Jim says:

    No surprise which country he’s talking about. At least one of your readers lives in this prison Craig.


    • Craig says:

      Wow, sorry to hear that. It’s just crazy! So out of 82,000 tests (which test?), only 111 come up positive (a little more than one in a thousand), AND only 1 death out of these–and this an 80 year old?


    • Craig says:

      When I was a teenager, I was fortunate to have a local radio station that played all kinds of music in the Rock vein (and some country and bluegrass at times). One day in ’76 I heard this song, by this band I’d never heard before: Barclay James Harvest “May Day”. I couldn’t catch all the lyrics, but the chorale ending captivated me, as I’d not heard anything like it in the context of rock music:

      The lyrics are apropos for today (obviously inspired by 1984):

      The rock on which I stand is slowly sinking in the sand
      The sheer realities of life are rushing by
      I am looking out at life and I don’t know what’s wrong or right
      And I can’t even see the bright side of the moon

      I stopped a man in the street today
      And I asked him “Sir, is it night or day?”
      He just stared in disbelief
      I asked again but he walked away
      He said “Don’t you know?”
      I said “Can’t you say? Is there something in between?
      Is it something I’ve not seen?
      Did it change so fast or was it just a dream?”

      Time and time again I’ve tried to recreate the past few days
      Evaluate the constants from the haze
      But every time I think I’m right, they say I’m wrong
      “This day is night and night is day
      It’s there in black and white”
      Night is light and dark is day
      If I disagree they say I’m insane
      And the treatment will begin
      If I say that the day is light
      They just point my eyes to the blinding night, saying
      “We can’t set you free if you always disagree
      So the State is going to pay your doctor’s fee”

      They put me out in the pouring rain
      To enjoy the sun or to feel the pain
      Of the nightmare life’s become
      I asked a man in the street today
      Or was it yesterday or the day before?
      “Is there something I’ve not seen?
      Is there something in between?
      Did it change so fast or was it just a dream?”

      The rock on which I stand is now beneath the ever-flowing sand
      The sheer realities are here to stay
      I’m looking out at life and now I know what’s wrong and right
      It’s what you hear and what you read and what they say

      I saw a man in the street today
      Ask another man “Is it night or day?”
      He just stared in disbelief
      He said “Friend, it’s your lucky day
      I’m a party man, won’t you step this way?”
      I’ve got something you’ve not seen
      Now I know it’s not a dream
      It just came so fast, that something inbetween

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  138. Jim says:

    So we can produce a range of COVID vaccines in record time, get them approved under Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA, and rolled out around the world at vast profit to the pharma industry, but we can’t it seems organise a proving trial to confirm the use of a very cheap and effective COVID therapy drug in ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Given as a prophylactic at the onset of symptoms, these simple drugs could have saved thousands but have been mostly banned.

    But no, we keep people in lockdown until they require ICU intervention and steer us all to expensive trial vaccines. The short comments section makes tragic reading here. Monash University’s early findings have been shut down, indeed the drug has been criminalised to all intents. This is waived to the sidelines, not reported or belittled by those in the pharma trough as well as it all being part of the pathway to 2030 and the GR. Here’s the link:


    Liked by 1 person

    • Craig says:

      A pessimist might think there’s something nefarious going on. A pessimist might wonder if, given the FDA requirements for EUA that no effective alternative treatment must be available, these alternatives are being quashed for Big Pharma profits. This might lead to further speculations of a larger scale conspiracy, and one might consider Schwab’s (WEF) “Great Reset”, in which “stakeholder capitalism” will be the new form of government, er, uh, the new economic model.

      Liked by 1 person

  139. Jim says:

    The lemming like consumption of ‘official’ therefore not to be questioned advice on all things medical is so palpable. This early trial of media, pharmaceuticals and mass acceptance seems to be going well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Craig says:

      Well indeed!

      The biggest red flag to me is the relative silence on the durability of antibodies. Historically, once a person is infected with a virus such as this, antibodies develop and the resulting immunity from future infections is very robust. This means that those with such robust immunity do not need a vaccine; in fact, in some cases the vaccine can actually be more harmful, as I understand.

      Liked by 1 person

  140. Jim says:


    A good resource for some balanced reporting along with Sky news Australia, and this edition contains some Tony Heller type analysis since the latest IPCC report was published.

    Liked by 1 person

  141. Craig says:

    This article puts it all together very well!

    Vaccine Mandates and the “Great Reset”

    Liked by 1 person

  142. Jim says:

    As secular forecasts go of the next decade, I reckon this is pretty accurate. Plus he’s a man leading where I went to go in agrarian terms.


    Liked by 1 person

  143. Craig says:


    Well, you Aussies can take credit for one of the first REAL punk bands in The Saints. No disrespect intended, but I can imagine myself if I were stuck in Afghan land thinking of this song:

    (Is that a young Nick Cave @ :50?)

    And this is a rather funny ‘performance’ of “This Perfect Day”:

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  144. Craig says:

    Here’s Pat Metheny in a trio with Dave Holland (my favorite bass player) and Roy Haynes (who was 67 here) in “Cantaloupe Island”:

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    • Craig says:

      I suppose it’s because I’ve been listening to different renditions of “Cantaloupe Island” that I found this one, which includes the rhythm section of the classic Miles Davis mid-60s quintet: Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter (bass), and Tony Williams (drums). Filling out the band is Freddie Hubbard on trumpet and Joe Henderson on tenor sax. Hancock’s phrasing (‘jazzing up’ the ‘regular’ part of the tune, the melody line), but especially his solo here is fantastic!

      Liked by 1 person

  145. Jim says:

    That was Nick Cave. What a great song. Really genre busting. Needed to be about a minute shorter but very Undertones meet The Ramones I think.

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  146. Jim says:

    Craig, if you or any of your readers are vaccinated with the current range of co vid offerings, this post isn’t meant to induce fear or any negative response. It’s simply to inform from an authoritative voice that won’t reach the MSM.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Craig says:

      Well, well!

      CNN: “Information from the CDC tonight is turning crucial things we were told about COVID upside down. The CDC revealing tonight that 74% of COVID cases in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, home to Provincetown where there was a recent outbreak, were found in people who were fully vaccinated. And they say now that the vaccinated are just as likely to spread the virus as those who are not vaccinated, and that, of course, is contrary to what was widely….”

      The ticker reads:


  147. Jim says:

    So we enter the next stage of govt control. These ‘amazing’ revelations that were known all along are now an invitation to create a new level of fear and social segregation in the populace. Next up, folks, the unvaccinatable (is that a word?) virus coming to a town near you. Camps, semi-permanent lockdowns, you name it!


  148. Jim says:

    Looks like the video has been removed already Craig. I can’t access it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Craig says:

      I thought that might happen, which is why I transcribed it in its entirety. Those were the words of a CNN talking head. And the truth about Barnstable County, Massachusetts was in last month’s congressional testimony:

      Dr. Christina Parks, Ph.D in Cellular and Molecular Biology: “…vaccine requirements and mandates are based on the FAULTY ASSUMPTION that the vaccines in question prevent transmission of the pathogens…do the vaccines for COVID prevent transmission? No. In fact, they were never designed to do that…”

      Here complete testimony here:


    • Craig says:

      A public service announcement:

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    • Craig says:

      Comment by “Ghwkphd” on a vlog by Darkhorse Podcast Clips:

      • This is a public challenge for any Doctor/Scientist worldwide to discredit a single word –

      — Antigenic shift / mutation – is a common normal biological function. Even though Cronavirus are considered more stable in this regard than flu/virus, nevertheless inevitably will occur within large population infection spread. This is precisely why vaccines have little to no chance of effectiveness for Corona type viruses. History has proven this true over and over. Corna vaccines are notoriously problematic and have never been successful. (with the additional Danger of (ADE) creating a potential vaccination Disaster)

      — SARS-COV-2 will not/cannot be contained or eradicated. What is going on right now, is known in epidemiology as the pathogen endemic equilibrium phase, (viral stasis) and is perfectly normal. Virulence weakening and dilution is what always happens when mutations and naturally acquired herd immunity are occurring throughout the populations. Invariably mutation causes infection rate increase ( seasonality still being the biggest factor) and lethality rate decrease, henceforth it becomes ubiquitous and permanent. Vaccination at this stage is essentially pointless.

      — Ubiquitous viruses are fought and defeated primarily by the T-Cell lymphocytes and innate and specified acquired immunity within our immune systems, Not from artificially implanted or stimulated antibodies. (MPIE) — Mass Population Immunization by Exposure /Herd immunity is an absolutely critical missing factor in the epidemiological infection and mortality modeling calculations and the single biggest fraud in the history of medical science and fueled by the media –

      — The entire narrative being perpetuated by a large sector of the science community is False – Either they simply do NOT understand or are blatantly lying – This must be emphasized in Neon – This is Empirical immunology based on biological law – Textbook – First term – First lesson – Respiratory viral infection to immunity –

      • Naturally acquired “Herd Immunity” like gravity is a scientific empirical truth – In other words – It does Not waver or alter, or go away by the whims of any political agenda –

      — {However this must be very seriously understood and Forewarned! The longer the populations as a whole suppress their own immune system, through lock-down, distancing, mask wearing and compulsive sanitizing the greater the chances of allowing a pathogenic microbial superbug that our bodies cannot handle}. –

      — What is going on in the world is truly bizarre. To the extent that in just the past few short months, all virology and immunology textbooks ever printed in existence, are being re-written as we speak. Communistic ideology has replaced scientific methodology logic and reason – Induction of global hysteria by censorship of empirical science – Literally a pandemic of ignorance – (akin to Stockholm Syndrome psychosis at mass population scale)


  149. Jim says:

    Fair points all. Another aspect that I’ve not heard any talk on is the frankly suspiciously accelerated time from pandemic to vakseen (😉) rollout. Unprecedentedly short availability. I seriously wonder if, notwithstanding curtailing the usual trial periods and study timelines, something was actually ready on the shelf, prepared in advance for just this moment. It’s a theory, and very conspiratorial, I know!!


    • Craig says:

      I’ve read some making the statement that the vakseen was not made for CV19, CV19 was made for vakseen. In any case, assuming this is not the case, they were rolled out in such a short time and without the usual amount of time to determine long-term effects. That in and of itself should cause some to consider pause. And, of course, FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) can only be granted and retained IF and until no other effective treatment is available.

      Liked by 1 person

  150. Jim says:

    FDA: Ok no more EUA necessary. next breath Oh look at that wonder drug I’ve-a-mectin. Let’s prove that’s useful too now!

    Liked by 1 person

  151. Jim says:

    The white horse. Good summary


    • Craig says:

      Very good, indeed.

      I’ve seen a number of online comments making the claim that the coronavirus (the bogus corona=crown) is the 1st seal. When I attempt to show how this fails just on semantics/linguistics alone I’m met with contempt, anger.

      Liked by 1 person

  152. Jim says:

    Exactly. Plus viruses that exhibit a crown shaped spike protein have been around a long time. This one is the 2019 edition (albeit specifically formulated….perhaps).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Craig says:

      I’d mentioned on another forum how the esteemed The Lancet discredited itself by initially claiming, without evidence, that this CV was natural in origin. Recently, they’ve claimed an unnatural origin is possible–now that Trump is out of office.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Craig says:

      This UK study was brought up on another forum. Another contributor there, one who continually applauds the virtues of the vaks, cited this:

      • 2 doses of the vaccine remain highly effective, with 60 to 85% effectiveness against infection, 90 to 99% effectiveness against hospitalisation, 90 to 95% against mortality and 65 to 99% against symptomatic disease

      My response: I didn’t find any data in the report (though, admittedly, I skimmed portions) to support this ‘finding’. Regarding the bolded portion, how can these ‘compilers’ derive such a percentage? They would have to know if the group had come into contact with CV19 (or variant) first in order to determine what percentage remained without infection. How can they possibly know that?!

      After my interlocutor made up various implausibilities and excuses, I countered with: Why don’t you just admit that it’s impossible to arrive at such a stat? Even if they could–per impossible–manage to track the movement of every vaksed person in order to derive their figures, they’d also have to determine the amount of the exposure (time, viral load, etc.). Impossible.

      Liked by 1 person

  153. Jim says:

    I thought natural immunity provided even better results. Of course you have to first survive the illness that has a 99.8% (or better depending on your age and overall health) survivability rate. Which improves even further with known symptomatic onset drugs.

    Your commenter friend is another third party salesman trying to get you to buy a test car with unprecedented known defects! Fear breeds desperation for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  154. Craig says:

    Yet another thought-provoking vlog:

    Academy of Ideas

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  155. Jim says:

    It takes a village to raise a child. Unfortunately, that village is now a child’s social media exposure if not controlled by the family. Since the family is terminally undermined and eroded, this won’t go well. And that same environment is a playground for the controlling messages that indoctrinate children in to the false authenticity of a global:march towards the ultimate goal of conformity and submission to Agenda 2030 and its ilk. Get the child and you have the adult.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Craig says:

      Sadly, you’re right.


    • Craig says:

      Recognizing our life in the panopticon:


    • Craig says:

      Bill Maher–and Caitlin Flanagan–once again speaking not-so-common-anymore common sense:

      NPC: “But we’re not done until the world is safe, and we’re not safe as a world until the world’s vaccinated.”

      Bill Maher: “Except the world recognizes natural immunity. We don’t, because everything in this country has to go through the pharmaceutical companies. Natural immunity is the best kind of immunity. We shouldn’t FIRE people who have natural immunity because they don’t got the vaccine; we should HIRE them…”

      Caitlin Flanagan: “…If someone’s willing to be a fireman, if someone’s willing to be a policeman, if someone’s willing to go into a burning building and says, ‘I’m just not that afraid of covid, and I don’t want to take the vaccine’, that should be enough. He shouldn’t be losing his job; he shouldn’t be furloughed without pay—the guy that saves lives—because he doesn’t want to take a vaccine. It’s ridiculous.”

      BM: “I mean listen to this: For unvaccinated hospital risk—unvaccinated—41% of democrats thought it was over 50%. …Hospitalization rate for the vaccinated is .01%, and the rate for the unvaccinated is .89%; so in both cases the correct answer is less than 1%. They thought it was over 50. How do people, especially of one party, get such a bad idea? Where did that come from?”

      I’ll answer Maher’s rhetorical question: This misinformation comes from Big Media which is doing the bidding of Big Pharma and the Biden administration, which are doing the bidding of globalists.


  156. Jim says:

    Amazed this was allowed out by the BBC during COP26:



    • Craig says:

      Well, the ‘rationale’ will be that any kind of weather abnormality is attributable to “climate change”. It’s that extra coal China’s been burning…


  157. Jim says:

    Merry Christmas Craig and all God’s goodness and blessings in 2022.


    Liked by 1 person

  158. Craig says:

    To keep everyone ‘safe’, I’m prefacing this vlog with the following WARNING: Contains copious amounts of humor, coarse language, satire, etc.

    Honest Government Ad | Carbon Credits & Offsets


    The problem is the underlying premise in this vlog that “Climate Change” is really what it’s purported to be in the media: intense heating, flooding, and other extreme, catastrophic weather, all as a direct result of ‘carbon emissions’. So, this is what I perceive as more of the false dichotomies we are being flooded with.

    But don’t worry. Someone will soon come on the scene to fix ALL this…


    • Craig says:

      Skeptical of medical science reports?
      Carlton Gyles

      “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as editor of The New England Journal of Medicine” (1).

      More recently, Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, wrote that “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness” (2).

      The first of these two commentaries on clinical research publications appeared in 2009, the second in April of this year. These statements are being taken seriously, coming as they do from the experiences of editors of two of the world’s most prestigious medical journals. The first article showed how the relationships between pharmaceutical companies and academic physicians at prestigious universities impacted certain drug-related publications and the marketing of prescription drugs. Potential conflicts of interest seemed to abound: millions of dollars in consulting and speaking fees to physicians who promoted specific drugs, public research dollars being used by a researcher to test a drug owned by a company in which the researcher held millions of dollars in shares, failure of university researchers to disclose income from drug companies, company subsidies to physician continuing education, publishing practice guidelines involving drugs in which the authors have a financial interest, using influential physicians to promote drugs for unapproved uses, bias in favor of a product coming from failure to publish negative results and repeated publication of positive results in different forms. The author, Marcia Angell, cited the case of a drug giant that had to agree to settle charges that it deliberately withheld evidence that its top-selling anti-depressant was ineffective and could be harmful to certain age groups (1).

      Marcia Angell’s comments (1) were directed largely against conflicts of interest and the biases introduced by the influence of drug companies on researchers and universities. Richard Horton’s statement (2) was part of his comments on a recent symposium on reliability and reproducibility of research in the biomedical sciences and addresses a broader area of concern. Some of the problems he identified are seen in the veterinary literature. They include inadequate number of subjects in the study, poor study design, and potential conflicts of interest. He notes that the quest for journal impact factor is fuelling competition for publication in a few high reputation journals. He warns that “our love of ‘significance’ pollutes the literature with many a statistical fairy-tale” and he remarks that journal editors, reviewers, and granting bodies all stress original studies to the extent that “we reject important confirmations” (2).

      Individuals and organizations considered responsible for the present state of published medical science include researchers, journal editors, reviewers, granting agencies, governments. Horton goes on to reflect on whether the bad practices can be fixed (2). He concludes that scientists have incentives to be productive and innovative but no incentives to be right. He muses on removal of incentives, emphasizing collaboration rather than competition, improving research training and mentorship, funding studies that attempt to replicate published data. Horton ended by noting that it is a good first step to recognize the problems but no one seems ready to begin the task of reversing the trends.

      Clinical journals such as The Canadian Veterinary Journal are less affected by the fight for the impact factor because the primary impact that we seek to make is on the clinical practice community, rather than the research community (the journal impact factor is based on the impact on the researcher community). Nonetheless, we share some of the problems discussed above. Perhaps the most serious weakness is inadequate sample number in some studies. Such studies are sometimes accepted because they may have some value if care is taken to acknowledge the limitations associated with inadequate power. The take home message is that readers must exercise caution in interpreting the published literature, regardless of the reputation of the journal in which an article is found.


  159. Jim says:

    Delete ‘clinical’ insert ‘climate’. Delete ‘physician’ insert ‘climate scientist’. Identical effect.

    By the way, all those restrictions ‘for our safety’ as a result of the global war on terror, or a pandemic, will soon be reinvented in fiscal terms such that a global digital currency will be the solution (for our financial safety) against alleged nasty despotic regimes and their key individuals. IMO that’s getting in to MotB territory.


  160. Jim says:

    The last video you posted has a ‘video unavailable’ tag if that’s the one you mean.


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