Before Commenting

All comments are moderated which means I must manually release them before they will appear on the site.

Please keep your comments pertinent — even if a bit tangential — to the topic of the post. In addition, try to be brief, concise, and respectful. If you have quite a bit to post, it may be best to break up into more than one comment. Any comments containing only a weblink with no explanatory notes as to how or why it relates to the topic at hand may be summarily deleted, especially if it’s from your own website.

I will not tolerate personal attacks or foul language. This is a Christian forum, so I do expect all to act accordingly. Comments which I deem offensive, and this can include sarcasm, are subject to deletion or editing.  Repetition of the same type of comments or the same line of argumentation may result in deletion of those repeated comments.  It will likely be beneficial to view the Misc. tab, the short Are You a Heretic? post, and perhaps the Why CrossWise? tab.

With all that said, I do welcome points of view which may differ from my own — as long as they are relevant to the article and/or current discussion in the comments section.

Continued deviations from these guidelines may result in the commentator’s subsequent comments subject to deletion without the benefit of viewing them first. Life is too short.

Keep in mind that you are a guest here and I am the host.   Think of it as though you are invited into my residence.  I’ll do my best to treat you with respect, even if I disagree with you, unless and until you show me or the other guests disrespect.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

If you would like to receive updates on follow-up comments to the thread on which you’re commenting, be sure to check the box marked “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” before you select the “post comment” button.

Also, the following instructions may assist in making your comments.   To indent a quote (blockquote), bold, or italicize, use the following html command words/letters:

blockquote = to blockquote selected text

b= to bold

i – to make italics (also, on some sites “em” works (don’t use the quotation marks!), as it does here on CrossWise, and perhaps all other WordPress sites)

With each, the functions are opened and closed using the left and right arrow keys (below the “K” and “L” on the keyboard).  Open with the left arrow key (<), followed by the corresponding command code, then the right arrow (>).  Then input your text.  Close the selected text by using the left arrow key (<), followed by a forward slash ( / ), the command once again, then right arrow key (>).  Since these left and right arrow keys and backslash will disappear if used correctly, I’ll illustrate below by using brackets.  So, just substitute the left arrow for the left bracket and the right arrow for the right brackets below, and you’ll get the desired effect:

[blockquote]This is how to blockquote / indent text[/blockquote]

[b]This is how to bold[/b]

[i]This is how to italicize[/i]

You may combine any or all of these; that is, you can also bold and/or italicize text within a blockquote.  There are more html commands, but this should get you started!


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