Newsweek Publishes Dr. Michael Brown’s Response to Eichenwald’s Article

I have to admit that this caught me totally by surprise.  Credit must be given to Newsweek for affording a professed Christian to rebut the Eichenwald piece from last month.  And, Dr. Brown did a fine job!

Please read A Response to Newsweek on the Bible.

I may append some snippets from the article later.

4 Responses to Newsweek Publishes Dr. Michael Brown’s Response to Eichenwald’s Article

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Thankful for this opportunity that Dr. Brown was allowed to respond on the website of Newseek!

  2. Truth Preacher says:

    It was mostly good, but also contains error because Michael Brown was trained in Destructive Textual Criticism, which is based in error and the undermining of the preservation of God’s Word. He says we can’t know for sure if Mark 16:9-20 was part of Mark’s gospel. Well, he can’t because he learned textual criticism from unregenerate infidels in New York, but WE KNOW its part of the Bible. The textual and historical evidence is OVWEWHELMING, yet because he was brainwashed by modern textual critics, he is full of doubt, just like the devil wants-Gen. 3:1.

  3. Craig says:

    “Truth” Preacher,

    First of all, I disagree with much of Brown’s stance (as I mention here, for example); however, when he speaks “Truth”, then I must give him credit. The main point of this article, though, is to give credit to Newsweek, a publication that generally discredits Christianity, for allowing a professing Christian to rebut the seriously flawed and antichristian article Brown is responding to.

    I can tell by your words you are a KJV-onlyist, to the point that if anyone disagrees with your presumption, then they must be wrong – or worse (“unregenerate infidels”). Take your rhetoric elsewhere, or at least tone it down here. I nearly didn’t release your inflammatory comments.

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