Red Letter Bible Tip

As I was searching for online ‘Red Letter’ Bible versions (those with Jesus’ spoken words in red) I found something new to me. At BibleGateway ( is an option to activate this feature on those translations that support it. Using BG’s abbreviations, those English versions supporting this feature are: AMP, BRG, CSB, CEB, ESV, ESVUK, GNV, HCSB, ICB, ISV, LSB, TLB, MEV, NASB, NASB95, NCV, NIV, NIVUK, NKJV, NLV, NLT, WEB.

To activate, simply type into the search bar a passage in which you know Jesus is speaking (in a Gospel, e.g.). Icons will then appear between the search bar and the passage. Click on the Page Options icon (looks like a cog). From the drop-down menu check/select ‘Red Letter’. Jesus’ words will now display in red, if your selected version is one of those noted above.

You can view BG’s own “Red Letter Support” instructions for a visual.


6 Responses to Red Letter Bible Tip

  1. BG says:

    If you can download the Bible Gateway app, the words are already in red! Thought this might help!

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  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Never knew about this feature before!

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