Climocentrism: The New Geocentrism

“Trees don’t lie, but [some] climate scientists do.”
-Tony Heller (@ 8:58 of video below)

One of the most embarrassing aspects of the historical record of the Christian Church was the stubborn, persistent belief that the earth was flat and/or our solar system was geocentric. This thinking was based on misinterpretations of a number of Scriptures. But we now know (despite the assertions of a few current flat-earthers) that our solar system is heliocentric—the sun is its center—and the earth rotates on its axis as it revolves around the sun.

But despite mounting evidence, the historical Church clung to its misinterpretations rather than reinterpret those passages to align with contemporary scientific data. Something somewhat similar is occurring in the realm of climatology, though with a twist. The current ideology of “climate change” does not align with historical climatic evidence, so some climatologists simply—and deceptively—change the climate data. This puts a whole new meaning on “climate change”.

There is historical data of a Medieval Warm Period (MWP; ca. 950AD to 1250 AD), which was followed by a Little Ice Age (LIA; ca. 1300AD to 1850AD). Both tree ring data and historical evidence indicate the MWP had average temperatures exceeding those of today—well before the Industrial Age—and the LIA had average temperatures colder than the past 150 years. This casts doubt on the extent of the role of anthropogenic (human-caused) CO2 emissions from the use of fossil fuels in climatic changes. In fact, I’m old enough to recall that there was a growing scientific consensus in the 1970s of an impending ice age, with its causation linked to emissions from fossil fuels. [See this 1978 video from Columbia University and then-leading world climate scientists, sponsored by the US Army and the National Science Foundation, narrated by Leonard Nimoy.] But, of course, now the theory is the converse: anthropogenic CO2 emissions are causing ‘global warming’! As Tony Heller deadpanned (going from my memory) in a recent video, “Fossil fuels sure are powerful.”

In Heller’s video below is a screenshot of a statement by Dr. David Deming of the University of Oklahoma College of Earth and Energy regarding the subject “Climate Change and the Media”, entered as part of U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Hearing Statements (12/06/2006):

I had another interesting experience around the time my paper in Science was published. I received an astonishing email from a major researcher in the area of climate change. He said, “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period” [11:16 in video below].

And that’s precisely what Michael Mann did in his reconstruction of climate data. Mann minimized the heat of the MWP, minimized the cold of the LIA, and inflated recent temperatures—in order to falsely portray recent temperatures as exceeding those of the MWP—showing a trending upwards climactically, resulting in his infamous “hockey stick” graph. You can read the background and results of the court case in which Dr. Tim Ball won Mann’s defamation suit relating to it. Ball even received all court-related costs as part of the settlement, because Mann refused to provide to the court the underlying evidence for his “hockey stick” in order to ‘prove’ his case. From the article:

Tim’s [Ball’s] famous words [were] that Michael Mann “belongs in the state pen, not Penn State,” a comical reference to the fraudulent ‘hockey stick’ graph that knowledgeable scientists knew to be fakery.

In his videos, Tony Heller has been posting actual historical data, such as from newspaper articles from across this spinning spherical earth, in order to compare with current data manipulations from climate ‘scientists’. Below is his most recent vlog. Heller provides much food for thought:

See Tony Heller’s blog for more.


14 Responses to Climocentrism: The New Geocentrism

  1. Craig says:

    At 4:13 in the Nimoy-narrated documentary (

    Dr. Chester Langway, as Chairman of the Geology Department at the State University of New York, Buffalo: “We have evidence from the ice core studies that approximately 89,000 years ago the global climate changed from one of greater warmth than today [1977] into one of glacial severity. It is possible that a tremendous volcanic event occurred, shielding the sun, cooling the earth’s temperatures, thereby providing the explanation for the advancing glaciers. The significance of this catastrophic event is that within a hundred year period of time that the glaciers could have re-advanced over the surface of the earth. It is possible that we may enter in such a cold climate almost instantaneously in the very near future.”

    The theory in the ‘70s was that fossil fuel emissions were shielding the sun, thus cooling the earth’s temperatures—similar to the theory of the “tremendous volcanic event” from 89,000 years ago—and that we needed to curb these emissions to prevent another ice age. But now fossil fuels are somehow causing the earth to dangerously warm!


    • Craig says:

      See this video of Dr. Tim Ball after Michael Mann lost his lawsuit against him—the suit regarding Ball’s words relating to Mann’s data-manipulated ‘hockey stick’ graph:

      Dr. Tim Ball (@ 3:11 …and you see the orange area on the left is the Medieval Warm Period. What was going on was people like [Al] Gore were looking at the right hand of the graph and saying “It’s warmer than it’s ever been” because temperature’s been rising from the Little Ice Age. But we were saying, “Oh no, no, no, look, it was much warmer a thousand years ago.” They had to get rid of me, and they had to get rid of that Medieval Warm Period. So, Michael Mann produced that ‘hockey stick’ graph, which eliminated—it literally rewrote history. And who rewrites history better than Communists?


      • Craig says:

        Historical evidence of the MWP–grapes once flourished in England (among other things):

        The Medieval warm period and how grapes grew where polar bears now roam


        “There was a secondary optimum of climate between 400 and 1200 A.D., the peak probably being 800-1000 A.D. This was on the whole a dry, warm period and apparently remarkably stormfree in the Atlantic and in the North Sea. It was the time of lowland settlement in the Saxon lands and of considerable flowering of Celtic and Northumbrian cultures. Missions from the Celtic Church in Ireland were sent as far as Africa and Iceland. It was also the time of great Viking voyages and the settlement of Iceland and Greenland. The early Norse burials in Greenland were deep in ground which is now permanently frozen. There were several visits to America (probably many timber getting voyages between Greenland and Labrador) and there is evidence which suggests that at least one Viking ship got through the North-West Passage and ultimately reached the Gulf of California (cf. Ives 1953).” “In Domesday Book (1085) 38 vineyards were recorded in England besides those of the king. The wine was considered almost equal with the French wine both in quantity and quality as far north as Gloucestershire and the Ledbury area of Herefordshire where the soil is said to resemble that of the Rhine and Moselle wine districts. The London basin, the Medway valley and the Isle of Ely were also favoured districts. The northernmost vineyards were near York [northern England] but the most favoured country was from Northants and the Fenland southwards. This implies summer temperatures perhaps 1 to 2°C higher than today, general freedom from May frosts (particularly suggested by the exposure to the north of several low-lying vineyard sites, e.g. at Tewkesbury, in the Fens and at Teynham, Kent) and mostly good Septembers.”


      • Craig says:

        In a previous Senate hearing, Ted Cruz invited “climate change” skeptic Dr. Judith Curry. In setting up obtaining her thoughts on a specific aspect of the overall discussion, Cruz stated the following (@ 2:13):

        …Now, I would note none of the Senators—who participated in a press conference earlier today saying, “How dare you ask the data”—not a single Democratic Senator, addressed the satellite data. Not a single Democratic Senator addressed the fact that for 18 years there has been no significant warming recorded, because, I suppose, it is contrary to their cute computer model, and to their political desire to massively increase government control of the economy and impose trillions of dollars costs on people who can’t afford it…


        • Craig says:

          Here’s a video on the supposed 97% consensus:


        • Craig says:

          It’s all about the method by which the numbers are derived:

          The deceptive way Global Average temperature is reported by the IPCC, NOAA, HadCRUT, Berkeley, GISTEMP, ERA5, JRA-55, BBC, CNN and the rest of the media is exposed.


  2. Craig says:

    OH MY! Chicken Little was right! Look at this article from Bloomberg—we have even less time than previously thought!

    Climate Models Are Running Red Hot, and Scientists Don’t Know Why

    Scientists just don’t know why.

    But Tony Heller knows.

    NOAA has been ‘adjusting’ climate data, reasoning that past temperatures that were recorded as very warm (1920s, e.g.) were as a result of “time of observation [time of temperature taking] bias”. Thus, ‘scientists’ “fixed” them for us. So, the very obvious cooling trend of the past 100 years is actually a warming trend, and trending climactically in recent years like a ‘hockey stick’.

    But, Heller shows the fallacy in their method:

    The Superbowl Of Data Tampering


  3. Jim says:

    Been getting my regular dose of Tony. He’s getting some good traction gradually. Sky news here in Aus have 10 min you tube clips tearing the climate alarmists agenda to shreds, so the push back is gathering momentum.

    I saw a cyclically blatant pitch from a bank called Bank Australia that simply read ‘ The bank that agrees there is a climate crisis…your bank’ or to that effect. The whole thing is like parking your car overnight, coming out the next day and claiming it’s moved a mm and blaming the insect life around the car for moving it. Honestly!


    • Craig says:

      I’m glad to hear you are listening to Heller. Spread the word!

      The multi-faceted disinformation campaign has been quite successful in misinforming our youth. We–in a collective sense–are agreeing to our own demise, by letting the powers-that-be gain even more power. The revolution will be won without a single shot fired.


    • Craig says:

      Oh, and I have viewed some of the Sky News segments–quite good!


  4. Jim says:

    Fires in 1974 were many times worse than 2019/20 in terms of area burnt, and we had a very capable means of accurate estimation.

    And that 18.5C temp in ‘Antarctica’. The place where that was recorded is very similar in geography and distance from the pole as northern Shetland isles are to the North Pole. They get 18C in summer quite often!


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