Answer to Open Challenge to Fans and Critics of Bill Johnson/Bethel Church

Since Bill Johnson’s Bethel church continues to grow, I’ve decided to reblog this particular post. In it, by analyzing Johnson’s words, I conclude that Bill Johnson is teaching a form of neognosticism. The audio source is the same sermon from which Johnson offhandedly claims Jesus was ‘born again’.


Since the original Open Challenge to Fans and Critics of Bill Johnson/Bethel Church has not received much interaction apart from regular readers here on CrossWise, it seems best to fully explain the selected text comprising that challenge in this separate post, as I deem this information critical to understanding the basis not just of Johnson’s Christology, but of his entire theology.

In the following message, taken from Bill Johnson’s 12/20/09 sermon Jesus is our Model (2nd service), all CAPS indicates Johnson’s emphasis, other emphasis is added, indicating portions important in understanding the overall message: 

…Look at verse 3, “And, the devil said to Him, ‘IF you are the Son of God command this stone to become bread.’”  Jesus answered Him saying, “It is written: Man shall not live by bread alone but by every WORD of God.”  What was the first temptation?  It wasn’t to turn…

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7 Responses to Answer to Open Challenge to Fans and Critics of Bill Johnson/Bethel Church

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  2. Marc Metz says:

    Remember BJ was schooled in to Assemblies of God for almost his entire life so that is his foundation so they (AOG) believe Jesus was capable of sin taking the scripture that He was tempted in all ways like us but without sin. I believe it was impossible for Jesus to sin so from a foundation standpoint of Christology being in error over Jesus and sin these forms of other errors get added to that such as believing Jesus became sin and had to be born again. Jesus knew no sin did no sin and had no sin. Simple!


  3. G & E says:

    Hello Thanks so much for all your hard work and research. It has assisted me quite a lot as I live near Redding, CA and see some of the influence of this “church”. Are you familiar with the “church” The Stirring? They say they are not one and the same but I see that is a different story. I was wondering if you would have time to take a look at it? Thanks again! Elizabeth


  4. IWTT says:

    The Stirring is a church plant from Risen King Community Church which is affiliated with Christian and Missionary Alliance Church ( If you google The Stirring Redding Calif. and follow all the names and associations you will learn much about them. I haven’t done an indepth link search so I will not comment more than this.


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