Perplexing Questions

As part of the statistics gathered by WordPress, viewable by individual bloggers on their stats page, are “SEARCH ENGINE TERMS”.  These are the words/phrases placed into various search engines that bring individuals to WordPress sites.  Following are some phrases found in CrossWise stats over the past month. 

greater things than jesus


what does it mean in the bible greater works


greater things holy spirit bible verse


the vs scripture where jesus says there will be those that will come after me who will do greater works than i


and greater works scriptures

This is in reference to John 14:12, which was discussed in this article.  Certainly, this is a question many Christians have pondered.

Not surprisingly, there are a number of queries on Bill Johnson.  Here are some of the more interesting ones:

the life of a manifested son of god bill Johnson


bill johnson new ager


bill johnson teaches on the eternal now


bill johnson on universalism

Due to the heresy propounded by a number of individuals, to include Bill Johnson, the following was searched:

was jesus born again


jesus was born again

No, Jesus was not ‘born again’.  Would God need to be ‘born again’?  This blasphemy was discussed here.

But, a query this morning has me scratching my head: 

what setting do pentecostals put their keyboards on?

This begs the question: What keyboard settings do non-Pentecostals use?  Perhaps one type of keyboard is more ‘holy’ than another?  This aptly illustrates just how far away from the purity of the simple Gospel hyper-charismatics can go.

31 Responses to Perplexing Questions

  1. Joseph William says:

    Please leave Bill Johnson alone and worry about your own walk instead. For God’s sake, don’t you realize that you and your accolades have placed him under your judgmental microscopes for years now?

    If you hate him, just say so and repent, otherwise cease from judging his beliefs and be concerned about your own walk with God.

    Who do you think you are anyway, God?


    Sent from my iPad

  2. Craig says:


    No, of course, I don’t “hate” Bill Johnson. But, I don’t care much for his blasphemy and aberrant theology – and I think God takes it seriously, as well. Perhaps you agree with Bill Johnson that Jesus had to be ‘born again’ because He “became sin”?

    Given your defense of Bill Johnson and your inflamed response to me, I have to ask: Do you “hate me”? Will you “cease from judging my beliefs and be concerned about your own walk with God”?

    And, finally, I have to ask: At what setting/s do you have your keyboard?

  3. Maria Billingsley says:

    Craig has the gift of discernment. God bless him for this gift comes from the Holy Spirit. It is also the gift that Satan hates the most.

  4. Staci says:

    hahahahahahaha!!! Craig that last comment was hilarious lol actually what I was about to come and address. I didn’t know that keyboards were fashioned according to different denominations, so since I’m Pentecostal I should be looking at changing my keyboard? lol
    (please note the dripping sarcasm in that comment – sarcasm is a sin and I am off to go and repent now). But honestly it blows my mind that these hyper-charismatics can come up with something so petty and ridiculous as that and people fall for it. It’s actually so sad how many people are being lead away from the true gospel by people like Bill Johnson. Do they honestly want me to believe that the gospel has been reduced to nothing more important than a stupid keyboard. Sorry but my God is a lot more important than that and is definitely not that trivial. My God is a lot bigger than a petty keyboard. Since I’ve started doing my own research into hyper-charismatism my eyes have been opened so drastically. And I’m busy at the moment doing research on a blog post in which I want to see if I can draw parallels between hyper-charismatic church practices and witchcraft or paganism. And how these churches are essentially using pagan rituals in their Sunday services or how the two mirror each other.

  5. bikerbaby32 says:

    I actually believe we all as Christians have some level of discernment but in others its actually a gift of the Holy Spirit which is a real blessing and one that satan should rightly fear more than hate. I wish I could have discernment as a gift becos The Lord knows at times my gullibility knows no limits 😦

  6. Arwen4CJ says:

    LOL with the search queries. I’m actually not sure what I searched to come across your blog originally. I think it might have been something like “Bill Johnson false teacher” or “Bill Johnson New Ager” or something like that. I was looking for apologetic sites that exposed some of Bill Johnson’s teachings.

    So….I guess I just want to point out that a person might have different reasons for using a particular search term. Someone who searches for Bill Johnson is going to be someone who has heard of him. So they will likely either be supporters of him or people who think that he is false, or people who are not sure.

    As much as I have to laugh at the last query in this article — it might have been a sarcastic question that someone was just asking, just to see what kind of result they’d get. Or, maybe someone was seriously wondering. Or who knows what….but yeah, people have different perspectives and reasons that they put things into search engines. I agree that it’s very interesting to see what terms someone uses to find a website. I just think we have to be careful that we don’t assume the intention of a person just because they used a certain search term.

    @ Joseph Williams, different people have come to different views on Bill Johnson’s teachings. Some people really love his stuff, and others see theological problems with it. Since Bill Johnson is a pastor of high prominence, then we must wonder why there are so many people who see problems with Bill Johnson’s teachings — or, at the very least, these theological problems should be taken seriously and examined by people the Christian church.

    Those who take issue with some of Bill Johnson’s teachings, including myself, do not hate Bill Johnson. We are not trying to “throw stones” at him or whatever phrase a person would like to used. Rather, we have concerns about his actual teachings (doctrine).

    And to get this out of the way, no, my concern with him is not that he teaches that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still in operation today; my issue with him concerns his overemphasis on the gifts and the supernatural and the like. On top of this, he has teachings about Jesus that go against Scripture, and the gospel that he preaches is a different gospel. He is effectively teaching another Jesus and another gospel.

    I realize these are serious accusations, but Craig and the others on this site can show you what these specific errors are. Scripture commands us to judge a person’s doctrine, and so that is exactly what we are doing here. We are not saying that Bill Johnson is a bad person, or trying to attack him as an individual. Rather, we are attacking his doctrine.

    If someone is teaching poisonous teachings, and that person has a large Christian following, don’t you think that other Christians should try to warn others of this poison?

  7. YesNaSpanishTown says:

    Craig wrote…
    what setting do pentecostals put their keyboards on?

    This begs the question: What keyboard settings do non-Pentecostals use?

    It also begs the question? Why did the search results bring up YOUR blog?

    My first thought was computer keyboard, but maybe a piano keyboard is meant. I didn’t know my keyboard has settings.

    However, apparently some hyperCharismatics DO have different computer keyboard settings. It seems as if Brian Simmons’ keyboard has a super anointed translations setting. When he was single-handedly writing a new New Testament translation based on an 5th century Aramaic manuscript, his keyboard suddenly began translating the Bible with “God’s passion”.

    Holly Pivec at Spirit of Error blog, has a 3-part piece on it: A New NAR Bible (Part 1) — ‘The Passion Translation’

    Galatians 6:6
    NKJV-Let him who is taught the word share in all good things with him who teaches.

    The Passion “Translation”-And those who are taught the Word will receive an impartation from their teacher; a transference of anointing takes place between them.

    I think I just heard all your readers groaning…. 😉

  8. anne says:

    When false teachers mislead others regarding the basic doctrine of who Christ is and how He operates then we all have a responsibility to correct it……..the great falling away is occurring right in front of our eyes. There is a distortion in the most basic doctrines and that alone is the foundation used by the enemy to lead people away from the Truth, the Way and the Life…..Great article!!!! anne

  9. Craig says:

    Why did the search results bring up YOUR blog

    Yep, good question! I wonder what specific search engine was used?

    Yeah, I’ve just very recently heard about the NAR Bible

  10. Arwen4CJ says:

    I suppose it was only a matter of time before the NAR produced their own Bible “translation.” I’d be interested in seeing how key passages are translated. And how much difference will there be between the this Bible and legitimate translations?

    And if they don’t like how something actually is, will they claim that God told them to translate it differently? Like will it say something like, “Jesus was once God, but laid aside His deity to become human, and then became God again after the resurrection.”

    If they do something like that, then they can be like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, claiming that their Bible “translation” is the only correct one, and that all the others are Satanic Bibles. They could also point to things in their Bible and say, “See, it’s in the Bible.”

    Maybe they’ll add things like people getting slain in the Spirit, people getting drunk, and maybe they will remove all references to Christians still sinning.

  11. Craig says:

    Holly provides some of the differences here:

    Please make any comment over there as this going a bit beyond the parameters of the post.

  12. IWTT says:


    Was at my daughter’s home these past 10 days in IOWA and they had a book on the shelf about Cults, Sects and World Religions.

    Interesting that in all of the cults that I read about and began to research into, ALL OF THEM, their leaders had or heard an audible voice and/or vision that “told” them that they were to start something new and outside of orthodox Christianity. And this is what has occured in the past 100+ years in christianity today.

    Just thought you might find this an interesting fact as you research….

  13. Arwen4CJ says:


    2 Timothy 1:6-7 The Passion Translation
    “I’m writing to encourage you to fan into a flame and rekindle the fire of the spiritual gift God imparted to you, for the anointing was activated when I laid my hands upon you. Keep the inner power of your spiritual gifts alive and strong! For God will never give you the spirit of cowardly fear, but He has given you the mighty Spirit of Power, Love, and Revelation Light!”

    Brian Simmons is a brilliant man that has been given fresh revelation and insight into the deeper meaning of the Scriptures. I highly recommend this new Bible translation to everyone!

    – Dr. Che Ahn, Sr Pastor HRock Church, Pasadena, CA

    “Brian and Candice are friends of the Holy Spirit and it is with His guidance that the Bible is being opened to us with greater clarity than ever before through this translation project. I believe that the release of the Passion Translation coincides with a global awakening and this new translation has been given by God to fuel the fire of this Awakening.

    My comment:
    Fresh revelation? So are there angels of light who are revealing the wording? Is there any automatic writing involved? Or is this guy simply practicing eisegesis, and then writing it out? Is he deliberately doing this or does he think he’s honestly translating the Bible? I suppose that the answer to this question doesn’t matter.

    We can clearly see that the Bible is being changed here to fit NAR doctrine, and that there is a hope that hyper-charismatics will abandon legitimate translations and use this — then they will say that the Bible supports their views.

  14. Arwen4CJ says:

    Oh….sorry about the last comment I just made. I wrote it and submitted it before I read your request not to talk about it anymore here. Sorry about that. You don’t have to release the new comment I just made.

  15. Carolyn says:

    YesNaSpanishTown…thanks for sharing that link. I think here’s a guy that’s “cruisin for a brusin”…Here is just one of the changes. The audacity is not even subtle, but absurd!!! I’m outraged.

    From A New NAR Bible – Part 2 of Spirit of Error’s – Drastic Differences

    “Let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches. (English Standard Version)
    The teaching being promoted: Church members should take care of the financial and other material needs of their spiritual leaders.
    The Passion Translation
    And those who are taught the Word will receive an impartation from their teacher; a transference of anointing takes place between them.

    The NAR teaching being promoted: The divine authority to minister with a specific miraculous gift–such as the gift of prophesying or healing people–can be imparted or transferred from church leaders to their followers.

    Can’t imagine how God feels. I’d flatten him right now…but God’s not far behind.

    2 Peter 2:1
    [ The Rise of False Prophets ] But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves.

    IWTT – you said: “Interesting that in all of the cults that I read about and began to research into, ALL OF THEM, their leaders had or heard an audible voice and/or vision that “told” them that they were to start something new and outside of orthodox Christianity. And this is what has occured in the past 100+ years in christianity today.”

    Yes, even Mother Theresa was led astray by talking to an angel. Changing the gospel…classic. But if you are NOT completely settled on the truth of the gospel, then what? You really don’t have much of a chance against these “loving messengers of new light”, do you?

  16. Craig says:


    No problem.

  17. Carolyn says:

    And it would appear that I can’t read. That part of your comment never even made it into my brain. I has now…

    This morning I googled “perplexing questions” thinking that I might be able to access your blog that way, Craig. Sorry to say, that your blog did not make the first or the second page of inquiry results. I did, however learn some perplexing questions about golf and the perplexing question of why a horse sleeps standing up.

  18. Craig says:


    No problem. I deem the information that YesNaSpanishTown gave is valuable; but, I just think comments will be better served over on Holly’s site.

  19. IWTT says:

    To clarify my comment, I meant cults that arise out of Christianity, seem to have the same manifestation…. visions/dreams or audible/internal voice that gives the person a new direction.

    Personally, I don’t think this new translation will be stopped, but it might take these people into the same area as say Mormon and the Book of Mormon or JW and their bible, etc. etc.

    It just might take them even more “crossing the line” and then recognized as a cult by many more Christians. Of course these days those that were out right considered cult are more accepted so maybe not.

    Last comment on this…

  20. Craig says:

    Well, just now I notice as a search phrase:

    was jesus born again in hell

    That’s the heretical, blasphemous teaching of the Word of Faith brought forth by Kenneth E. Hagin, who received it from E.W. Kenyon. This is the theological backdrop of the Word of Faith movement, as spoken of at length in D.R. McConnell’s A Different Gospel. The whole view of Atonement in WoF is obscured by this blasphemous doctrine.

    And, Bill Johnson stopped just shy of making this claim in his own ‘born again Jesus’ statement.

    Here’s Hagin, as noted in the Bill Johnson’s ‘Born Again’ Jesus, Part II article:

    “Why did He need to be begotten, or born? Because He became like we were, separated from God. Because He tasted spiritual death for every man. His spirit, His inner man, went to hell in our place.”

    “…Physical death would not remove our sins….”

    “Jesus is the first person ever to be born again.”

    “Spiritual death means something more than separation from God. Spiritual death also means having Satan’s nature.” [emphasis in original]

    – from Kenneth E. Hagin The Name of Jesus. 1979, 3rd printing 1981; Rhema Bible Church aka Kenneth Hagin Ministries / Faith Library, Tulsa, OK; p 29, 31

  21. Staci says:

    Thanks very much for that IWTT, I have actually noticed a trend in most hyper-charismatic and cult like groups in one of the main things that they use as a catch phrase is along the lines of “God is doing a “new thing””……as far as I know God is the same yesterday, today and forever, so if He is now doing a new thing then that verse in the Bible would be lying would it not? and are we really prepared to call the Bible a lie? I’m definitely not…. God doesn’t change so any body who tells me He’s doing something new, I tend to tell them to go and smoke some more of that green stuff, they’ll feel better. But yes, I have actually noticed that trend and I see it as nothing more than marketing like to draw in bigger groups of people, like “come over here and see what I’ve got…God is doing something new by us that other churches don’t have” and for those that are unwise, or still baby Christians who don’t know better or don’t have someone to help them and teach them right, yes, they will fall prey to that because it’s intriguing and they want to see something new. I’m picking up a lot of similar trends within these churches, they tend to have their own defining signatures if I can put it that way, they all seem to have the same MO, some may be slightly different but generally the same.

    I actually came across this link about 2 weeks ago while I was doing research on the net and I found it to be an awesome read (although it did take me all day literally) and a really eye opener, I thought you guys might find it interesting as well. But just be warned it is long and may take some time to read, but definitely worth the time.

    Just one final question what is the NAR?

  22. Craig says:

    NAR = New Apostolic Reformation

    This is also known as the Apostolic-Prophetic movement.

  23. lasvegasapologetics says:
  24. Carolyn says:

    Here’s the perplexing question. How are these angels and false apostles such as Joyce Meyers trying to pervert the truth? I think Craig has answered this perplexing question many times in his blogs but here is another source saying the same thing.


    “While it is true that Jesus went to Hell, the real area of attention needs to be narrowed down to this: Did He go there to pay for our sins? Payment is the issue, not visitation. What kind of payment? According to Joyce and others, it’s the same kind of payment that took place on the cross! Perhaps even better.

    “He paid the price there.”

    “Jesus paid on the cross and in hell.” (Underlining in the original)

    “…Jesus took your place in hell.”

    “Jesus went to hell for you.” (Underlining in the original)

    Enemies Of The Cross

    Can anything be clearer? Does it sound as if she is “glorying in the cross” (Galatians 6:14)? Rather, she and the others share the one common denominator of every cult in the whole world; they disparage the cross. Thus they are “enemies of the cross of Christ (Philippians 3:18).

    Remember this definition. An enemy of the cross is one who implies that the work of Jesus Christ on the cross was insufficient for our salvation. Period! Their destiny? Destruction! (Philippians 3:19) Thus, no enemy of the cross can be my brother in Christ.

    Look into it. Every cult disparages the cross. And the cross being the core, the very crux of the Gospel makes any message that disparages the cross “another gospel.”

    Think about it, Jehovah’s Witnesses view the work of Christ as simply a down payment for their salvation. It was not sufficient in and of itself. It must be supplemented with a regular serving of field service, literature placement, baptism, obedience to dress and hair codes, meeting attendance, and a myriad of good works on the “salvation treadmill.”

    There you have it, as IWTT discussed…even if an angel preaches another gospel….

    And I would add, even if a person for whom you have the greatest of admiration, changes the gospel even a little, to accommodate his agenda….he is an enemy of the cross…stern words with stern consequences….

  25. Arwen4CJ says:

    Just a general comment — I think if someone uses, that they should use an additional source as well, as many, even conservative Christians, do not consider to be a reliable source.

    That doesn’t mean that those individuals disagree with everything on the site, but they question enough of it to not take the site very seriously.

    But yes, that is a great way to look at things, Carolyn. Anyone who is an enemy of the cross should not be listened to.

  26. Carolyn says:

    Arwen, you could be right, but I thought everything he said in this article was factual and backed up with direct quotes from her book. I have shivered in the past at her dramatic inventions of all the demons in hell jumping up and down on the back of Christ and God’s voice bellowing through the cavernous darkness “ENOUGH” which stopped the madness of the demons and finished the work of salvation. *raised eyebrows*

    I guess we have to read everything with discernment when it comes to the internet. I thought his correction of the heresy of “firstborn” was very good in the article as well. It’s so easy to get these heretical ideas embedded into your mind and the average Christian or cult follower doesn’t think twice about them again until they are addressed. If you were a JW, like he said, “firstborn” is an automatic foundational belief.

    Craig, FYI: I was just reading a bit on DWT this morning

    Thought you might find the comments interesting as you have studied a lot in the area of the Trinity.

  27. Craig says:

    I’ve been busy with an article (now doing finishing touches); so, that’s why I’ve been a bit incommunicado.

  28. Craig says:


    I’m not going to get into the discussion over at DTW, but they are mistaken about the RCC and the Trinity. The RCC is absolutely Biblically orthodox on their doctrine of the Trinity (unless one wants to construe that they deify Mary). Matt Slick at CARM also affirms this:

    The early Ecumenical Councils are orthodox on the Trinity (once everything got sorted out).

  29. Craig says:

    For those interested, Brian Simmons, the ‘translator’ of the Passion Translation commented on Holly’s Amazon review. Simmons and I exchanged a few comments:

    That forum is not the best place to have a conversation; and, Simmons indicated he was not going to comment further (but he did provide his email address). However, it was clear to me that he had no business ‘translating’ a Bible, and he apparently knows nothing or next-to-nothing about textual criticism.

    I made some comments on Holly’s blog as well (one is currently awaiting release):

    This is just FYI, and please, if you wish to comment, do so over there.

  30. Craig says:

    This search criteria came in today:

    “is bethel church nuts?”

  31. Craig says:

    Here’s a lookup phrase that landed someone to CrossWise:

    “what are the master keys for signs and wonders”

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