Todd Bentley Needs Your Seed Money to Raise $20,000

Recently the Australian government denied Todd Bentley access resulting in the cancellation of the Fresh Fire scheduled tour of Australia.  Now Fresh Fire USA Ministries is in financial straits and looking for you to $ow a $eed for a$$istance. 

Our last minute delay in our planned tour to Australia was a huge disappointment of course. It was also a huge financial set back for our ministry. Our immediate expenses just in Airfare and travel was over 10,000…The need is still $20,000.

Would you pray with us and consider sowing a seed into our ministry today!  If each of you that have been blessed by our ministry over the years would consider a gift at this time we can more than enough recover our shortfall and move forward in 2012.  We know that this is a great year of the nations for us.

It’s rather curious that not one prophetic minister friend could foresee that Bentley would be refused entry into Australia thereby averting his financial woes in the first place.  Were these prophets all sleeping, in deep thought, busy, or travelling [cf. 1 Kings 18:27]?

It’s also curious that Bentley would need financial assistance given that, according to his friend Bill Johnson (as but one example), the teaching is such that salvation is a full restoration of “His original purpose” meaning no more sin, sickness, or poverty:

“…Jesus destroyed the power of sin, sickness, and poverty through His redemptive work on the cross.  In Adam and Eve’s commission to subdue the earth, they were without sickness, poverty, and sin.  Now that we are restored to His original purpose, should we expect anything less?  After all, this is the better covenant!” [When Heaven Invades Earth, 2003, Treasure House/Destiny Image, Shippensburg, PA; p 33]

Perhaps Bentley just does not yet have the requisite amount of faith. 

But I have an idea.  In reverse TBN fashion why not just email Todd and ask him to send $200 to you dear reader?  Given the purported principle of a 100-fold return, Bentley would subsequently receive his $20,000 with just this one donation!  Any takers?


14 Responses to Todd Bentley Needs Your Seed Money to Raise $20,000

  1. Craig Bridgforth says:

    This is great!! You sure know how to quickly expose this foolishness for what it is. Well done, Craig, well done!!


    • Craig says:

      Craig Bridgforth,

      Well, thankfully, your seed, i.e. your obedience many years ago in preaching the true Gospel as per the REAL meaning of the applicable verses regarding sowing seeds [Matthew 13:3-23, cf. 1 Cor 1:10-17, 3:1-9], resulted ultimately in my own salvation and God receives all the praise and glory for that! 🙂


  2. Craig Bridgforth says:

    Thank you my dear brother, THANK YOU!!!


  3. Craig says:

    I must also give credit to Bud Press for sending the link to Bentley’s request for financial assistance.

    Bentley should just take out his wallet and do a ‘creative miracle’ and have the money just manifest itself by his words “speaking things into existence” as per the quote near the end of this article:

    (at footnote 101)


  4. Bud Press says:

    Craig, thanks.

    I know of situations where people have sent money to their “anointed” leaders over a period of time. In return, they get a “Thank You” note with an appeal for more money. But when the people become financially strapped and ask their leaders for money, there was no reply.

    The only ones who “prosper” in the “prosperity movement” are those who teach “prosperity”.

    I close with a quote from Todd Bentley:

    “There are corrupt people in the Church today; we can’t even trust them with the power to heal the sick. Lord, in the last great healing revival, so caught up were the evangelists with envy, jealousy, and competition that they competed with one another to see who had the world’s largest meeting tent.” (Todd Bentley, “The Reality of the Supernatural World,” June 2008, p. 89)

    Bud Press


  5. cherylu says:

    “The only ones who “prosper” in the “prosperity movement” are those who teach “prosperity.”

    I remember some years ago calling in a prayer request to a certain ministry that had a “prayer ministry” and encouraged people to do that. I’m not sure if they would of been offically called part of the prosperity movement or not. But I was so completely turned off when after the prayer, I was asked if I would like to give a donation to them! Felt rather like I had just paid for prayer. That incident turned me off to that organization completely. Ugh anyway.


  6. edmond kwan says:

    As I have challenged hundreds of pastors, Jesus fed five thousand men and their dependants, and we have preachers being fed by 5000 partners..don’t you think there is something wrong with the picture?
    As for the non entry to may not realise this, but the full name of Australia is..’Del terra Australia Espirito Santos.’, aka The Southland of the Holy Spirit.’
    Thank you , Holy Spirit.


    • Craig says:


      While I had not thought of this exactly as such before, Jesus told Peter, “Feed my sheep”; He didn’t tell the sheep to feed the shepherds.


  7. edmond kwan says:

    craig….correct….as the Lord said to the Twelve,”You feed them.”, at the feeding of the five thousand. If you are a searcher of the truth…visit our website..’Holy Spirit’s Workshop”, and have a read of the Testimony, and to give an idea of what could have happened instead…read the book,’The Next Day.”


  8. Ray says:

    As an Aussie , I am pleased to say that at least on one count our inept gov’t has managed to compile something of a decent decision, to keep Bentley out. We already have enough people here doing their best to pervert the gospel without the inked up Todd adding to the defilement of the same. As for the $$$$$$ issue, I have a firm belief that if someone is led by the Spirit to go somewhere , then it is the Spirit that does the leading and makes the journey happen , anything else , such as we see from Bentley and co , is sans the Spirit, all done in the flesh , so to speak , and without power.


    • Craig says:


      You wrote, “…I have a firm belief that if someone is led by the Spirit to go somewhere , then it is the Spirit that does the leading and makes the journey happen , anything else , such as we see from Bentley and co , is sans the Spirit, all done in the flesh , so to speak , and without power.”

      I mostly agree with this but in the latter half I’d say there’s a possibility of other powers at work.


  9. Ray says:

    Agreed Craig, there is another power at work, and I’ll call it for what it is , the spirit of antichrist.


  10. Jesus Wins says:

    It’s a case of what we say here in Nigeria- the pastor is getting fatter and the congregation thinner! Cheers!


  11. Chris says:

    The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit was actually a title given to Vanuatu, not Australia. Perhaps we hijacked it.


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