Anthology of Bill Johnson Articles (So Far)

In Joseph Garlington’s foreword to Bill Johnson’s Face to Face with God: The Quest to Experience His Presence [2007, Charisma House, Lake Mary, FL], he quotes from Don Miller’s Blue Like Jazz who asserts jazz music ‘never resolves’.  Miller goes on to claim that God “doesn’t resolve.”  Garlington then compares this to Johnson:

Bill’s ministry embraces paradox as though it is the most normal thing in the world…Often in his teaching ministry Bill will make a statement without ‘resolving’ it…His teaching entices you to pursue a way of thinking that is often foreign to traditional teachers, and it whets your appetite for something you always knew was there…

I recall in another book Johnson making a reference to jazz.  So, does Bill Johnson like jazz music that doesn’t resolve, i.e. the more avant garde (unorthodox, experimental, “cutting edge”) flavor of jazz?

…Years ago I bought a jazz album on a whim.  I eagerly looked forward to something fresh and new as I placed it on the turntable… [Dreaming with God: The Ultimate Quest to Experience His Presence, 2006, Destiny Image, Shippensburg, PA; p 47]

Hey, NOW we’re talkin’!  So, Johnson likes jazz and he has a turntable?!   My interest is piqued, as I have an extensive collection of jazz records (vinyl) which I still play on a turntable.  “We just might be able to have a mutually edifying conversation about jazz,” I ponder.  Not too sure about theology though.

I wonder – which artists in jazz does Johnson like?  Perhaps it’s the spiritual/free jazz of the ’60s such as Albert Ayler, Pharoah Sanders, late-period John Coltrane and the like?  Or, maybe he prefers the heyday of Blue Note with such artists as Lee Morgan, Donald Byrd, Horace Silver, Jimmy Smith, etc.?  Or, perhaps he likes stuff such as Dave BrubeckThelonious Monk or perhaps Duke Ellington?  Vocalists such as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald or Sarah Vaughan?  Maybe he’s a Miles Davis fan – but, then which era?  Perhaps Miles’ electric era of the late ’60s into the ’70s?  Or, how about Sun Ra (born Herman “Sonny” Blount)?  Now, Ra had some very esoteric theology to go with his diverse musical excursions.   Perhaps he likes more contemporary stuff on the German ECM label, some of which is European although the label includes the music of American Keith Jarrett, among others.  Or, maybe this relatively new band Tongues of Fire?  Hopefully, he’s not calling stuff like Kenny G ‘jazz’.

…But I was horribly disappointed.  It sounded like a child randomly pounding on a piano, with no melody or harmonies, no consistent rhythm, nothing to give it purpose or direction… [Dreaming; p 47]

Hmmm.  Well, no, it doesn’t appear he likes avant garde jazz.  He just prefers his theology that way.

In any case, this thought process led me to anthologize the Bill Johnson posts here on the site.  How did I come to that?  Well, record companies tend to anthologize the works of artists in order to acquire a larger audience and, hence, boost sales.  Of course, I’m not looking to make any money, but I do want this information disseminated to the largest audience possible.

Initially I considered titling the post facetiously “The Best of Bill Johnson”, but I didn’t want to potentially confuse or mislead, lest anyone think I’ve now begun to promote Johnson’s material as if I was like-minded.  Alternatively, I pondered borrowing a ploy by RCA Victor used on a Jefferson Airplane compilation titled “The Worst of…”, but I thought some readers would find it too negative or offensive.  So, it was decided to use the more neutral “anthology”, with the parenthetical “So Far” a nod to the title of a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young compilation of the same name.

Without further ado, here are the articles (so far):

—  Bill Johnson’s ‘Born Again’ Jesus, part I which also discusses portions of his book When Heaven Invades Earth in which Johnson discloses his kenotic Jesus and his assertion that anyone against the “anointing” (as he defines it) is anti-christ.

—  part II shows how close he comes to the Kenyon/Hagin ‘Jesus died spiritually’ heresy in his proof-texts for the ‘born again Jesus’, in addition to his view that Jesus received the “Baptism of/in the Holy Spirit” in the Jordan, plus his (and other) Latter Rain and Manifest Sons of God leanings seemingly not too far from New Age ideology.

—  Johnson’s and others’ quotes on Dominionism in The Kingdom of God is at Hand, part II, which questions just which kingdom is being promoted.

Speaking of paradox: can someone resolve the apparent contradiction inherent in Jim Goll’s foretelling prophecy of Johnson’s acquisition of a library related to someone with the name ‘Roberts’, given that Johnson had already purchased Roberts Liardon’s library the year before?:

—  Bill Johnson’s Library Mandate – a “direct from headquarters” mandate.

—  Update: Bill Johnson’s Library Mandate

—  Johnson endorsing Bob Jones: Bethel hosting a “prophetic conference” featuring Bob Jones.

—  Bill Johnson and the Sign of Jonah“If signs and wonders don’t follow you, follow them until they follow you.”

—  Signs That Make You Wonder: “…it’s just increasing all kinds of manifestations. It’s the angelic realm; it’s just the supernatural breaking into this one: the gold and the oil and the wind. We’ve been having gusts of wind that just come out of nowhere. And, uh, ya know, it’s all good. It’s all signs that make you wonder…”

—  Open Challenge to Bill Johnson/Bethel Supporters regarding a specific quote in When Heaven Invades Earth:  “Jesus lived His earthly life with human limitations. He laid his [sic] divinity aside as He sought to fulfill the assignment given to Him by the Father: to live life as a man without sin, and then die in the place of mankind for sin. This would be essential in His plan to redeem mankind. The sacrifice that could atone for sin had to be a lamb, (powerless), and had to be spotless, (without sin)” [When Heaven Invades Earth, 2003, Destiny Image, Shippensburg, PA; p 79].

—  Another Challenge to Bill Johnson/Bethel Supportersregarding a Johnson tweet (which also occurs in other material). Jesus is returning for a bride whose body is in equal proportion to her head.”

—  More in depth look at Johnson’s Kenosis: “…Jesus gave Himself to be crucified.  He did not raise Himself from the dead…His job was to give His life to die.  The Father raised Him by the Spirit…”

—  Kris Vallotton and the Mantle of Jesus Christ/Bill Johnson on Corporate Anointing:“…Not just the mantle of William Branham, how about the mantle of Jesus Christ?  That’s even a bigger one there…”

—  By Whose Power Does Bill Johnson Heal?: “What have I done? This guy thinks he hobbled in here…wait until he tries to walk out!”

—  Greater works than Jesus?: …Many theologians seek to honor the works of Jesus as unattainable, which is religion, fathered by unbelief…

—  A personal testimony about Bethel’s influence

In keeping with the tradition in the recording industry which induces fans to acquire anthologies even if they have all the artist’s previous work by including something new, I’ll close with a rather ‘electrifying’ quote of Bill Johnson not used in any previous CrossWise article, taken from Face to Face with God:

I went from being in a dead sleep to being wide-awake in a moment.  Unexplainable power began to pulsate through my body.  It was as if I had been plugged into a wall socket with a thousand volts of electricity flowing through my body.  An extremely powerful being seemed to have entered the room, and I could not function in His presence.  My arms and legs shot out in silent explosions as this power was released through my hands and feet.  The more I tried to stop it, the worse it got.  I soon discovered that this was not a wrestling match I was going to win.  I heard no voice, nor did I have any visions.  This was the most overwhelming experience of my life.  It was raw power.  It was God.  He had come in response to the prayer I had been praying. [p 8]

I’m thinkin’ Johnson may prefer electric jazz…


26 Responses to Anthology of Bill Johnson Articles (So Far)

  1. Bill Fawcett says:

    I don’t think he will be releasing a “boxed set” because, ya know, you can’t put god in a box.


  2. Bud Press says:

    Hi Craig:

    Good work on the anthology. It makes it easier to reference information and quotes.

    Regarding that last quote by Bill Johnson, if he is telling the truth, it smacks of demonic activity. In fact, it tops Charlie Robinson’s “pillow fight with Jesus” and Todd Bentley’s giant “Jesus”.

    I wonder if Bill Johnson’s encounter with the “electricity” shut down the utilities in his house and the surrounding neighborhood?

    Keep up the good work.

    Bud Press


  3. Frank Dahl says:

    Its really sad to read your remarks and those of your followers,mocking a fellow christian like Bill Johnson. You can make a point without sounding like the national media coming after someone they disagree with.I have seen and experienced healings and miracles my whole life.Be carefull how you disagree with someone elses ministry The method of disagreement you use is like the Alinsky method that they use on msnbc to go after conservatives; Ridicule,etc.


    • Craig says:


      I’m glad to see you’ve toned down your comment as compared to the one you sent me on the “About” tab in which you called me a “heretic hunter” and claimed that I “know nothing about the present day power of the Holy Spirit”. When your comments about healings and miracles are added it seems clear you’ve not read, among other things on this site, the Are You a Heretic post which was suggested in the “Before You Comment” tab in which you would have seen the following:

      …I prefer to label the teachings as heresy rather than call those involved heretics. To call individuals heretics, to me, seems to make a judgment of the heart.

      In addition, had you read my Statement of Faith you’d see that I’m not a cessationist. How prejudgmental of you.

      Now, you are free to disagree with the method used in this particular post, but, I have this suggestion: Lighten up! I find it hugely ironic that Johnson is so liberal with his theology yet apparently not so in his taste in jazz music; whereas, I’m the opposite! (But, then I like all kinds of music.)

      However, I find his theology no laughing matter, but rather quite seriously troubling. To claim Jesus was ‘born again’ (which, according to orthodoxy, one only needs to be ‘born again’ if one is born in a sinful state and in need of regeneration (like all humans), something God would certainly not need) and not ‘resolve’ it, to use Garlington’s words, is downright blasphemous. I’m not laughing.

      To claim Jesus “laid aside his [sic] divinity” having “NO supernatural capabilities whatsoever” makes Jesus into a mere man since God is by definition supernatural and quite capable of performing the supernatural. I’m not laughing.

      To claim Jesus received the “Baptism in the Holy Spirit” in the river Jordan at which point he received the “Christ anointing” reiterates the claim that Jesus was a mere man and quite closely approximates New Age teaching. I’m not laughing.

      To claim “Jesus did not raise Himself from the dead” – contrary to John 2:19/10:17-18 – amounts to an ineffectual Atonement. But, then, this is the logical conclusion based on the claim that Jesus “laid aside his [sic] divinity” having “NO supernatural capabilities whatsoever” as He would not be able to raise Himself from the dead in such case. I’m still not laughing.

      And, to disagree with Johnson on his his teaching on “the anointing” [When Heaven Invades Earth; pp 80-81, 84-85], is to be labelled “antichrist” by Johnson which is a total distortion of the Apostle John’s words in his first epistle regarding this term (and a distortion on the meaning of the word “Christ” by Johnson’s context). I’m definitely not laughing.

      I could go on, but I suggest you click on the links provided in this article for more information.

      So, perhaps you could pardon me for taking a little liberty in this post and having a bit of fun given the seriousness of the myriad problems in Bill Johnson’s teachings this site is exposing in defending the faith [Jude 3].


  4. Frank Dahl says:

    You are wrong on much of what you say.Jesus was All God and all man;readPhil.2:5-9 Jesus emptied himself by his choice so he could be the first of many bretheran.Jesus after he started his public ministry had the fullness of the Holy Spirit in which he ministered.Bill Johnson doesn’t say that Jesus was born again like we are;but the bible says He was first born from the dead,Jesus did not cast away his divinity,Bill Johnson doesn’t say that either,but he walked as the perfect man dependent on his Father God and the Holy Spirit. By the way the bible does say that the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in us.Jesus is all God and always was,that is why I think he is and was so awesome to come to earth and lay aside his special privileges to walk as a man and suffer the agony of the cross for us. I think you should stop wasting your time trying to pick on people like Bill Johnson and others and go out and help people,pray for their healing and salvation,and their other needs. I will do the same.By the way we all need to have signs following as we intercede and pray for people.


    • Craig says:


      Really, you should read all of what I write and actually read the articles themselves before you make your comments. Keep in mind this is a compilation of Bill Johnson’s articles and is not an article proper. If you would start with my Statement of Faith you would see that I affirm Jesus was both God and man – it’s Johnson who has a problem with fully articulating that. Johnson makes Him into a mere man rather than fully God and fully man by the way he phrases a number of his statements. Both have to be kept in balance. You should read this article here: and here:

      Jesus DID NOT empty Himself of ANY of His divinity. Again, read the above articles.

      Johnson’s claim is that Jesus did not have His own divinity to use [He “had NO supernatural capabilities whatsoever” WHIE p 29] relying solely on the Holy Spirit to perform miracles. That is flat out unscriptural. How could Jesus ‘give life to whom He chooses’ [John 5:21] by providing eternal life during His earthly ministry [John 5:24-25]? You cannot say this is in virtue of the Holy Spirit as that would mean that ANY Holy Spirit indwelt believer could provide eternal life to whomever THEY choose. Obviously, that is not correct.

      Here’s a comment I recently made on the Kenosis II article referenced above:

      Marianne Meye Thompson [God in the Gospel of John, Eerdmans, 2001] references Herman Ridderbos’ The Gospel of John: A Theological Commentary [Eerdmans, 1997; p 198 (translated from the Dutch)]:

      Just as the Father as Creator and Consummator possesses life, he has given that possession also to the Son, not merely as the executor of incidental assignments but in the absolute sense of sharing in the Father’s power.” [emphasis added]


      [regarding John 5:25-26]…there is but one God, one source of life. Jesus is not a second deity, not a second source of life, standing alongside the Father. Rather, the Son confers the Father’s life, which he has in himself. Hence the formulation assumes the unity of the life-giving work of Father and Son, but it also predicates a remarkable status of the Son, one which is not made of any other mediator figure…The Son “has life in himself.” Yet the statement does not stand on its own. Precisely in holding together the affirmations that the Son has “life in himself” with the affirmation that he has “been given” such life by the Father, we find the uniquely Johannine [ed: John’s writings] characterization of the relationship of the Father and the Son. The assertion that the Father has given this prerogative to the Son shows that the Gospel has in view neither an ultimate dualism of power tantamount to di-theism [ed: two gods] nor an arbitrary attribution of life-giving power to the Son as one possible agent through whom the Father might choose to confer life. The Father gives life to and through the Son. [pp 78-79. Emphasis in original.]

      Jesus acted as God while Incarnate not as a Spirit-filled man in performing His miracles. Yes, he was man which meant, for example, He could not be omnipresent due to the limitations of the human flesh he took on. However, as God He was still omnipresent in sustaining the cosmos [Heb 1:3; Col 1:17]. While Jesus was the Word made flesh the Word was not trapped within the body of Jesus Christ any more than the Holy Spirit is trapped inside the regenerate believer.


    • Craig says:


      You wrote, “Bill Johnson doesn’t say that Jesus was born again like we are

      But, Johnson does not explain what he meant either in the original sermon in which he spoke those words and therein lies the problem. I’m sure there were people scratching their heads thinking “did Jesus have to be ‘born again'”? This is irresponsible. And, perhaps you are not aware but E W Kenyon and Kenneth E. Hagin as well as Kenneth Copeland (and others) DID claim that Jesus was ‘born again’ — IN HELL. And, these guys used the same proof-texts as Johnson to arrive at their conclusion. Of course, Johnson doesn’t claim Jesus went to hell, took on Satan’s nature and then was ‘born again’ like these other guys did, but he comes WAY too close! This is not something to mess around with. Jesus was not in any shape or form ‘born again’. Yes, he was the firstborn from the dead; but, he was NOT ‘born again’. Johnson should state things the way Scripture states rather than restating in a way that could potentially confuse.

      This isn’t a matter of “picking on people”. It’s called defending the faith.

      Johnson likes to portray Jesus as relying on the Holy Spirit to perform all His miracles in order to perpetuate the false teaching that we will do greater signs and wonders than Jesus. Read this article here:

      I’m going to ask that you comment on the applicable thread(s) (after reading them in full) and not do so on here. The primary reason for this article was to make it easier for individuals to find all the Bill Johnson articles.


    • Craig says:

      Frank, you wrote, “By the way the bible does say that the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in us.

      Absolutely! The Holy Spirit indwells each believer and the Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead [Romans 8:11]. But, then also Jesus raised Himself from the dead [John 2:19/10:17-18] and the Father raised Him from the dead [Gal 1:1, Acts 13:34] as well. Oh, and God raised Him from the dead [Acts 2:24]. Since the Holy Spirit is God, Jesus Christ is God, and the Father is God, well, then, of course, God raised Jesus from the dead.


  5. Frank says:

    This could go on forever,but its not worth it. You are are doing what Mr. Hunt did some years ago in his book.calling fellow believers culttishby,picking out selected comments out of context and using that ,in the same way some christians pick out a verse without looking at the context.ITis easy to be a critic,go out like I should do and pray for and win people to the Lord.


    • Craig says:


      Perhaps, “it’s “not worth it” because you don’t know how to respond?

      You’ve made a serious charge here, so it’s incumbent on you to back up this allegation. If you can find something I’ve taken out of context in order to make a false allegation against Bill Johnson then please show me and all the readers here. If I am indeed guilty of such a thing it should be brought into the light should it not? If I am treating Bill Johnson unfairly then for the benefit of all show where this is so.


    • Craig says:


      The ironic thing is that it’s Mr. Johnson himself who proof-texts the Bible as has been shown here in quite a few instances. One that quickly comes to mind is Johnson using only part of John 5:19, “The Son can do nothing…” and using this to assert that He “Had NO supernatural capabilities whatsoever” [WHIE p 29].


    • Craig says:

      Frank, you wrote, “…ITis easy to be a critic…

      Yes Frank, it is easy to be a critic of the critic providing no proof of allegations put forth as you’ve just done. But, I can assure you it’s not easy to be a critic exhibiting real evidence to back up the criticism.

      I’ll restate my challenge to you to back up your claim that I’m guilty of “picking out selected comments out of context and using that ,in the same way some christians pick out a verse without looking at the context“. Surely, given how easy you claim it is to be a critic, you’ll have no trouble doing so.


  6. iwanthetruth says:


    1) Calling attention to what someone is teaching is not persecuting them.

    2) pointing out what one believes to be the logical conclusion of another’s teachings and practices is not persecuting them.

    … 3) Taking strong objection, even to the point of demonstrating emotion and using forceful language and occasional rhetoric devices, to another’s teachings is not persecuting them.

    4) Warning others that they may be better off avoiding the teachings of certain ministers is not persecuting these ministers


  7. Martin says:

    I think Frank has said some very valid things.


  8. Martin says:

    You have to look at what this website has accomplished. It has moved no-one from their original theological position. The people who agreed with you still agree with you. God hasn’t changed. It is doubtful you’ve brought a great deal of furtherance to the kingdom of God.


    • Craig says:


      I’ve edited out some of your post as it was just flat-out argumentative and didn’t bring forth anything meaningful or related to this or any other article. I wasn’t even going to release this much; but, I have to ask how would know what this website has or has not accomplished. There are a LOT of readers here who do not comment. The fact is, neither you nor I know for sure the extent of the effects of the writings on here.

      But, here’s the deal: I was called to do this. Frankly, there are times I don’t want to do this; however, I get prodded back to write on here.

      If just one person is brought away from false teaching, then this is all worth it.

      If you have a specific point to make about something on this site, then you’re welcome to make it. Otherwise, please don’t waste your time or mine.


  9. Bud Press says:

    Please permit me to interject something here.

    Jesus Christ was incarnate love and incarnate truth, and our greatest example of compassion and humility. Every thought He had and every word He uttered was pure and holy. He was and is the sinless Savior, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords.

    There are those who attempt to paint Jesus into a corner, sitting next to a blossoming tree, holding a little lamb in His arms, wearing a big smile, and waving a peace sign.

    But there is another side to Jesus Christ that many aren’t aware of: He got angry. Oh boy, did He get angry, and He wasn’t afraid to express His righteous indignation towards the false prophets and false teachers of His day.

    “Hypocrites…blind guides…fools and blind…whited sepulchers…dead men’s bones…full of all uncleanliness…full of hypocrisy and iniquity…serpents…generation of vipers…killers, and persecutors”. These are the words Jesus used in Matthew chapter 23 to describe the scribes and Pharisees of His day–those who denied that Jesus was the Messiah, and those who wanted to kill Him for claiming to be the “I AM” (John chapter 8 and John chapter 10).

    Jesus warned against the falsies of His day, and He taught His disciples to do the same (Matthew chapter 24). Jesus did not mince words, nor did He cower down for fear of what people might say or do. He stood His ground and set an example for Christians to follow.

    Jesus Christ was and is God Himself in human form, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, and the Messiah. But the scribes, Pharisees, false prophets, and false teachers did not believe that. They worked overtime to downplay, malign, and denigrate Jesus and His words. Some played lip-service to Jesus, but their hearts were far from Him.

    Does all of the above sound familiar? It should, because the scribes and Pharisees are alive today, and their hatred for Jesus is obvious.

    To know Jesus Christ is to believe Him and His written word over and above what man says. Yet, despite the Biblical truth that is in plain site, many will go to their grave and suffer eternal separation from God in hell for following modern-day scribes and Pharisees–the false teachers of our day.

    And they will defend and idolize Bill Johnson and other modern-day Pharisees until their dying breath, because they do not know and love the Jesus of the Bible. The only “Jesus” they know is from the forked-tongues of false teachers–all of whom are overshadowed by demons and false apostles (2 Corinthians chapter 11).

    Those who truly know and love Jesus Christ will not tolerate the blasphemous garbage that spews from Johnson’s mouth and other modern-day Pharisees.

    Thousands of years ago, God had zero tolerance for false prophets and Pharisees (Jeremiah chapter 23). His word remains the same.

    May God have mercy on their souls.

    Bud Press


  10. Craig says:

    Following are search criteria used to arrive at CrossWise yesterday and today. These are signs that people are wondering about Bill Johnson and Bethel:

    bill johnson bethel

    is bill johnson a Gnostic

    prophetic booths at bethel church

    heretical bill johnson

    what is resting in jesus-bethel church

    what about bill johnson

    hyper charasmatic churches

    bill johnson ultimate sin

    is bill johnson a spirit filled true Christian

    kenosis bill johnson

    people leaving bethel church

    prophetic conference bethel

    what is trinity, bill johnson

    reformed response “bill johnson”

    kris vallotton

    theology flaws of bill Johnson

    bill johnson universalism

    what is wrong with bill johnson


  11. Amy says:

    Martin wrote: “You have to look at what this website has accomplished. It has moved no-one from their original theological position. The people who agreed with you still agree with you. God hasn’t changed. It is doubtful you’ve brought a great deal of furtherance to the kingdom of God.”

    Although I believe it is only the Holy Spirit who can move a person from their false theological position and into truth, information from this web site was INSTRUMENTAL in helping me and my family not become more deeply entangled in Bethel and its false Jesus. Thank you Craig for your efforts. This web site reminds me of Paul’s letter to the Galatians. The gospel is ALL about Jesus dying on the cross for sinners and raising up again. That is what the Book is about! We do not have to fear death, we can be forgiven if we believe on Jesus being divine. You are correct in saying God has not changed. Neither has the Good News. So be careful not to try to change the whole point of the Bible. It is NOT primarily a “how to” on tapping into Kingdom power! Bethel is very seductive and I thank the Holy Spirit for having mercy on me and making a way out.

    Martin, you said,”It is doubtful you’ve brought a great deal of furtherance…” I will use the motivation I get just because of YOUR comment on this web site to do all I can to further the Truth of the good news and the lies told at Bethel to the glory of God. Talk about irony.


    • Craig says:


      You’ll be happy to know that Martin has had a change of heart (after spending about a year or so commenting on CrossWise). Here’s a comment from January 15, 2013 @ 5:11 from the Deliverance from Extreme Pentecostalism: A Personal Testimony Regarding Bethel’s Influence post:

      Hi Craig,

      Just wanted to show my support to you and your website. Once upon a time i would have defended Bill Johnson and the Bethel thing to the ends of the earth. I now realise however, that as much as i thought that it was correct,and as much as i refused to believe it, there were some major fundamental flaws in his teaching..highlighted in “When Heaven invades earth”. To be fair it is fairly complex to understand, but once you ‘get it’ – you cannot go back!

      Keep up the good work!


  12. IWTT says:

    In Joseph Garlington’s foreword to Bill Johnson’s Face to Face with God: The Quest to Experience His Presence [2007, Charisma House, Lake Mary, FL], he quotes from Don Miller’s Blue Like Jazz who asserts jazz music ‘never resolves’. Miller goes on to claim that God “doesn’t resolve.” Garlington then compares this to Johnson:

    I don’t think I ever said anything about this but my dear friend from the A/G Church I used to go to in Sacramento once told me that “un-resolved” is not even a proper description for Gods characture or even the study of the word.

    This man was a professional Jazz musician prior to his conversion. He was the Music Pastor of the worship of the church and because of his knowledge of the jazz progression and the way chords are made up in jazz, they were Chords of unresoved, non-resolution and since the Bible describes God as a God of peace, these chords were contrary to the characture of God.

    Therefore to use it as a claim that God “doesn’t resolves” is in error and a mis-statement of the scriptures. It starts out wrong and proceeds in error…


    • Craig says:

      Your friend from the A/G church is quite correct, of course. But, hyper-charismatics will claim that ‘God cannot be put into a box’.

      I find it amusingly ironic that it seems Johnson’s preference for jazz is for the more conventional variety while his theology is ‘cutting edge’ (avant garde), yet my preference is for avant garde jazz and conventional, conservative Christian theology.


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