Bill Winston: Time to “Wrap This Age Up”

In the most recent “Prophetic Insight” from Charisma, Bill Winston has a piece titled A Time for Justice in which he states it’s time to “wrap this age up.”

“I have been teaching for several months that we are in a “set time” for the manifestation of God’s people. We are standing in the midst of what God has been prophesying for generations. The kingdom of God is here, and I believe it is our responsibility to wrap this age up.”

Is this Joel’s Army mobilizing?  This is what the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) means when it says “the violent” will “take it [the kingdom] by force.”

“In Psalm 102:13 David makes a prophetic statement during his prayer saying, “You will arise and have mercy on Zion; for the time to favor her, yes, the set time, has come.” In this passage, “Zion” refers to the church and “set time” to an actual chronological moment in history when something will occur.”

Sorry, Mr. Winston, but “Zion” refers to Jerusalem.  Once again we have the NAR/WoF using Replacement Theology — applying blessings (rather than cursings or chastenings — rather conveniently) of the Nation Israel to the “church.”  This is antisemitic to the core.

 “An important part of this teaching about the manifestation of the church is “vengeance” and “recompense”; but God’s vengeance is not defined the way most people think it is.”

I would say rather, the NAR’s “vengeance” is not the way God would define it.  Jesus Christ’s Second Coming will usher in the consummation of the Kingdom of God.  Man will not, as the NAR will find out at the REAL end of this age — much to their chagrin.


4 Responses to Bill Winston: Time to “Wrap This Age Up”

  1. Craig says:

    I’ve been noticing what appears to me to be a growing militancy on Paul and Jan Crouch’s Trinity Broadcasting Network toward those who do not agree with their apostasy. Last night I heard one Jamal Bryant on TBN during yet another fundraiser.

    I would put this into an article except I was half asleep; so, I cannot be sure that I’m quoting him exactly; but, this is the gist of part of what he said:

    “God wants to separate the chaff from the wheat.”

    “It’s time to get rid of those who are afraid of the Holy Ghost. It’s time to get rid of those who are afraid of the anointing. Turn to your neighbor and say, ‘Are you afraid of the Holy Ghost?'”

    “It’s time to separate from those who get on their knees because these are the people of ‘tradition.’ Ask them to leave.”

    “God wants people who are like dogs – those who are not afraid to drink the water (the Holy Ghost/Spirit) with their hands.”

    Throughout, Bryant kept using the Lord’s name in vain by uttering “Oh my God” at least six times. Here’s an article on Bryant in which a commenter questions the veracity of his claim of earning his doctorate at Oxford:

    While I can admire Jamal Bryant’s accomplishments, I have a problem with his claim to have a Doctorate from Oxford in Great Britain. I contacted Oxford, and this is what they told me by email: “The University of Oxford has no record of anyone of that name being registered for a degree here.” So I would think “Dr” Jamal Bryant has some explaining to do.

    As a side note: in order to attempt to extort money from viewers, at the close of Bryant’s ‘sermon,’ 2nd Corinthians 9:6 came on the screen with the words, “If you give a little, you will get a little.” I wanted to call in and suggest they send me money in order for their ‘seed’ to grow “30, 60, 100 times.” I figure if I ask them to send me a $1000 they should be getting at least $30,000 and up to $100,000 in return. But, I restrained myself…


  2. bankalchemist says:

    many members of Living Word Ministries (some 3000) don’t have the time to wrap things up or the money any longer. With the failure of Covenant Bank by Rev Winston they have lost all of their investment. Most will have to take on other means of income to replace their retirement funds. If you were a depositor with an account at the Bank you are protected by the SAOS plan put in place by Rev Winston. (slick as owl s***). Don’t miss the upcoming sermons on “Fleecing The Flock” and “Shuck & Jive For Financial Prosperity”.


  3. bankalchemist says:

    his assets were not affected. in fact when the bank was suffering he was making 8% guaranteed by a debenture when he loaned the Bank Holding Company funds. (google Covenant Bancshares) This is one of the things which got him in trouble as he did if without permission of the SEC. Its a practice today that the FDIC go after the Board of Directors for the Banks D&O policy and then possible criminal proceedings. The local paper published this week how much his ministries were skimming from the tax receipts of the mall.


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